AceCharts - new charting software

AceCharts is a new charting software. Its salient features are as below:

  • Supports seamless EOD and Intraday timeframes on the same chart
  • Mixed database allows EOD and RT data into the same database
  • Store multiple exchange data in a single databse in organized manner and reduce symbol clutter
  • ASCII data import supported
  • Most popular indicators supported
  • Market scanner to scan whole market database - two scanners (MACrossover and Aroon Bullish/Bearish scanner) are included with the release
  • Fully programable to create custom Indicators and scanners. SH315 trading system (a custom indicator) is included with the release.
  • All features are configurable
  • Charts Panel to view buy / sell signal from a single view

AceCharts Download

AceCharts currently supports ManshiRT datafeed ( or higher vresion) for EOD and Realtime data. ManshiRT setup can be downloaded from their site.

Below is a sample chart shown:

I will be happy to answer if there are any queries. Looking for your valuable feedback.

Thank you

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