Intraday Real Time Chart problem

Dear Friends,
Indicators showing so late .. I am puzzled how to show indicators on Intraday chart from beginning. I mean, when market opens I open the chart - at 9.15 a.m.. but no indicators are visible on chart till late, not even EMI (5) on a One-minute chart. Indicators start getting visible only after 20 candles .. that means - on 5-min
chart indicators become visible after 100 minutes (20candles x 5) and on 3-min chart they become visible after an hour. That is troublesome - how can I do trading in the beginning hours if indicators take so much time to be visible? I tried with indicators like RSI (14), Stochs (14,3) CCI (14) and EMI ( 5/13 ). None start showing on chart till after 20 candles of price move. Perhaps there is something seriously wrong in my setting or the way I am doing thing. I am using Ninjatrader 7 with yahoo connection for Real time Intraday chart - getting data regularly without delay. But somehow indicators do not show up. Please Help so that I could get indicators working from the very beginning (as I see on most charts). Dear friends, Please guide me.

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