1. madhavareddy1203

    After 5 years... Im back

    Hai Guys.. Im back after five years... lot of things changed in market.. Now brokers giving less exposure. Now im looking to write options.. Plz let me know which is best broker giving more exposure to write options. I need more exposure to carry positions.. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Frustrated with Zerodha

    Hello All, I am an Options trader currently with Zerodha, am fed up frankly that I am not allowed to trade deep out of the the money options beyond a certain strike price. Would like to know if there are any other brokers out there who dont cause these kind of problems for traders.
  3. goldenedge

    Interactive brokers? CME group? Advice please.

    Hi I talked with their Indian customer support guys of both IB and CME brokers about opening an international margin trading account and its legality. They say that it's possible to trade with margin. The steps they have given me are: First, they convert my deposit(INR) in their Indian...
  4. B

    I'm Ditching RKSV & Going Back to Zerodha Again!

    Hi All, Please read this post & I read several times too! And they said, But I Didn't know that it's brokerage credit! We spend that much & get that much. What the heck. It's kind of deception:confused...
  5. S

    Which is a better brokerage plan : per trade or per crore ?

    Which is a better brokerage plan - per trade or per crore ?
  6. S

    Algorithmic trading using sharekhan

    I was wondering whether sharekhan provides some kind of C++ or Java API for me so that i can do algorithmic trading. If not, are there any other brokers who would offer this functionality?
  7. S

    Discount brokers step in as big players exit

    A new breed of discount brokers, charging investors only a flat fee for trades in the currency, stocks and commodities exchanges, has emerged, as full-service stockbrokers face dwindling revenue with retail investors turning their back on them. Discount brokerages charge a fixed rate of, say...
  8. N

    Suggestions / Precautions to stop frauds by brokers

    I want to open a trading/demat account and was going through the various feedbacks of various brokers. I see that brokers at times take their clients for a ride and clients suffer huge financial losses because of them. (Like that Motilal case I read in some thread here). One of the most...
  9. T

    Hello Everyone.....

    Hi, I have been into the stock markets for the last ten years and I had explored so many stock brokers and certain brokers I stick to and trade till today. I am new to this forum but even tough I hope I can make some good friends network to share and learn together. So respective people...
  10. moon_moon

    # Which broker

    which broker are you with:thumb: or happy with:clap:
  11. N

    EDELWEISS(VICE) Complaints

    Many Problems which i have been facing with edelweiss every now or then/consistently have made me realize that these guys are not serious about their business/customers.I will try To sumarize its Pros and cons in a few points here without bias. PROS:- 1. Great user interface of their...
  12. S

    NRI Investing ....the rules and the players..need more info

    Hello Folks I am interested in opening an NRI Investment a/c. In that regard could someone please enlighten me on the following <> Are there brokers out there who offer commodity / FNO trading to NRI's at all ( - for a US based NRI - are you allowed to trade in the commodity market on a...
  13. S

    Best Brokers for Future&Option trading

    Hello Traders, Sorry for opening a new thread of old topic. I did my homework - I have read many threads (one which says xxVsxxVsxx) on brokers and saw many threads have useful information added but all are bit old threads - they started two years back and in last replies on thread has no...
  14. T

    Automated Trading Platforms

    Please share thoughts of those using automated trading platforms on the NSE to trade stocks or derivatives
  15. S

    DMA Access for high volume trading?

    Anyone know of a broker providing Direct Market Access (DMA) access to high volume clients in India yet, since DMA has been allowed for over a year now?
  16. I

    Angel Broking -feedback

    Hi Folks, I m writing to share my experiences while using angel trade (offline trading account thru phone). Within in two months of opening the account I could realize that angel trade people are no professional people rather they are like cheap brokers mushroomed across lanes in big cities...
  17. D

    Investment per order

    Hi All, I have read a lot of posts here from people investing in the markets, and as we all know that an investor can be characterized in so many different ways. One aspect I always think of while reading a fellow investors post is how much money on average, does he/she put in for a single...
  18. A

    Validity of Stop Loss

    Dear All, I am highly concerned about what I just now came to know about stop loss, and would like to confirm it. What is the validity of a stop loss, if I add one today. Will it stay tomorrow, day after tomorrow and so on? If not[this is what I came to know just now], then how can we...
  19. A

    F&O margin using Cash market securities

    I have been wondering if one needs to pay interest if one uses cash market securities in DMAT account for satisfying initial and exposure margin requirements on F&O side. MTM losses obviously will have to be paid in cash. An example: I have 10L worth stocks, after haircuts etc. this comes to...