Suggestions / Precautions to stop frauds by brokers

I want to open a trading/demat account and was going through the various feedbacks of various brokers. I see that brokers at times take their clients for a ride and clients suffer huge financial losses because of them. (Like that Motilal case I read in some thread here).

One of the most common thing done by brokers is to trade shares without the knowledge of their clients (I dont know how they can do it without the client providing the demat pay in / out instruction slip). Another being trading of shares of different quantity / price.

I think we should list all the suggestions / feedback so that we can be aware of issues to be taken care of. Few suggestions from my side:

(1) Keep trading and demat account separate (ie trading of sharekhan and demat of angel).

(2) Only online trading account. I dont know if its possible for those brokers who also have branches / franchises.

(3) If you are trading by calling your broker then record the call.

More suggestions??


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