Best Brokers for Future&Option trading

Hello Traders,

Sorry for opening a new thread of old topic.

I did my homework - I have read many threads (one which says xxVsxxVsxx) on brokers and saw many threads have useful information added but all are bit old threads - they started two years back and in last replies on thread has no relevant information about the topic the thread was intended to.

Me -I am a scalper/swing trader not on investments and mainly looking for FnO. Planning to start commodity and forex Trading in future. I dont need any calls/analysis tools-I do my math.

I had trading accounts with following
1. ICICI - I am with this for 3yrs. Good online-Higher comm-slower web. Used it for FnO
2. Appollo sindhoori-3Yrs. Good customer care(I had)-0.3/.03-delayed quotes-bad interface/online services.

After a long time I am again into markets. Now market has many brokers with competitive price and platforms. But i am outdated about three years on Brokerage firms.

Intention of this thread is to know who is the best discount brokerage firm who is doing best in FnO. Based on
2.Low commission
3.Hustle free fund transfers
4. Customer response time if the site is down or slow

Please respond on FnO on your brokers based on your transactions.
1. Brokerage + rates
2. Account opening/closing and Maintenance charges

Thanks for your time and awaiting reply.
I previously got help from this active forum. I am worried whether i would get a first hand information or not and whether the forum is still active on replies. It sad me.

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