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    which broker the best for 5L in short term trader

    hello all I have read all of the forum by now for brokers and their brokerages, infact, now i am please help me out, this is my first question in here... which broker is the best for 5Lakhs used in short term trader technique... I have a turnover of 1 crore every month...
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    stoploss and brokers- why do I need to put new stop loss order everyday?

    Hi All, I am a bit curious about the way stoplosses are enforced by various brokers. ICICIdirect is my broker. I normally do position trades that range form weeks to a couple of months. I have however faced many porblems with the way STOP LOSS order is carried out by ICICIdirect. I have to...
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    Remove broker from existing SIP

    Hi, I have couple of SIP running from 2 years in different Mutual funds. Due to some reasons and couple of different instance, I am not happy with the quality of service of my broker\agent. I dont want to stop my SIP, but I want to remove my broker from the future installments. The...
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    Account Opening

    Hi All, Is there any broker who offers the ability to open a trading account online, without any paperwork? If no, is that because of regulations by SEBI, or something else? Same question for banks too. Thanks.
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    best broker for intraday trading

    hi all traders please take out a few minutes out of ur busy schedule n vote for the best broker for day trading. also regards