1. K

    Angel Broking Pathetic Brokerage and **** Service"

    I opened an account with Angel Broking, New Delhi 3 months back after going threw the thread. started by Mintu. Moti Nagar Branch. Head Office New Delhi..tried another branch too in New Delhi but same result It is undoubtedly the most pathetic and downgraded service I have ever received...
  2. J

    CTCL Link

    Hello there, I am looking to get a CTCL link from one of the Trading Members or a broker. Please let me know of anyone interested in providing this access.
  3. X

    XTB India - Online Trading

    Hello everyone! It’s great to be in touch with traders of India in To clear out, why X-Trade Brokers India Team decided to appear on this forum, let us give you some introduction below. At the same time we want to stress that our posts will not have an advertising aim and no...
  4. anbarasu

    Best Trader (or) stock Dealer

    Hi investor & Moderators, I am Anbarasu. I had NCFM - Capital market dealer module certification. now, I am doing NCFM - Derivatives market dealer module and may,2010 exam. my quetions: 1. how to beome a successful stock/Derivative dealer. 2. how to get a broad knowledge in NSE/BSE...
  5. E

    which broker the best for 5L in short term trader

    hello all I have read all of the forum by now for brokers and their brokerages, infact, now i am please help me out, this is my first question in here... which broker is the best for 5Lakhs used in short term trader technique... I have a turnover of 1 crore every month...
  6. H

    stoploss and brokers- why do I need to put new stop loss order everyday?

    Hi All, I am a bit curious about the way stoplosses are enforced by various brokers. ICICIdirect is my broker. I normally do position trades that range form weeks to a couple of months. I have however faced many porblems with the way STOP LOSS order is carried out by ICICIdirect. I have to...
  7. M

    Remove broker from existing SIP

    Hi, I have couple of SIP running from 2 years in different Mutual funds. Due to some reasons and couple of different instance, I am not happy with the quality of service of my broker\agent. I dont want to stop my SIP, but I want to remove my broker from the future installments. The...
  8. D

    Account Opening

    Hi All, Is there any broker who offers the ability to open a trading account online, without any paperwork? If no, is that because of regulations by SEBI, or something else? Same question for banks too. Thanks.
  9. R

    best broker for intraday trading

    hi all traders please take out a few minutes out of ur busy schedule n vote for the best broker for day trading. also regards