best broker for intraday trading

best broker for intraday trading

  • share khan

    Votes: 141 25.2%
  • india bulls

    Votes: 39 7.0%
  • angel broking

    Votes: 64 11.4%
  • india infoline

    Votes: 50 8.9%
  • reliance money

    Votes: 32 5.7%
  • religare

    Votes: 42 7.5%
  • geojit

    Votes: 18 3.2%
  • just trade

    Votes: 8 1.4%
  • ventura

    Votes: 43 7.7%
  • r k global

    Votes: 123 22.0%

  • Total voters


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if anybodys recommended broker is not listed in the poll, they can always post it. i hav heard that diet odin is the best software for day trading. could anyone suggest brokers who provide it. also u r welcome to share ur experiences with ur brokers.



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hi traders

thanks for voting. keep the votes coming. also would appreciate ur experiences with brokers,good or bad. i would also like to know the brokerages rates, software, services etc. provided by different brokers. i went thru many similar threads, but the information provided is not updated like rates etc.

if u can specify why u prefer a particular broker, it would be very helpful. i m from mumbai n i hav an account with sharekhan currently. their service is good, but brokerage is high, currently 50 p n 10p for del n intraday each side. also i hav not tried their Trade Tiger software. has anybody used it. they hav 3 AMC schemes with fixed brokerages. has anybody got lower brokerages by negotiating with them.


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