1. A

    Best broker for Forex

    Hi Can some one please help me choose a good FOREX broker who offers MT4 as well? And hope the forex market is open almost round the clock, so is it ok to have an accountopened with any other forign forex broker who opereates all time, since NSE currency derivate is opened till 4 or 5 I...
  2. S

    Why choose a STP broker?

    Hi All, we have all heard about going for a ECN broker versus the market makers. But are you aware of the STP broker? and its advantages? If not let me explain it to you in the most simplest form. STP= Straight Through Processing. Here every order is directly routed to the interbank...
  3. J

    Retail Algorithmic Trading Platform

    Other than IB are there any retail brokers in India providing online algorithmic trading platform with ready to order algos like VWAP, iceberg, OCO, hidden and discretionary, scalping, etc. Kindly highlight pls
  4. D

    Which Brokerage gives GTC Stoploss facility?

    Hi, Being a positional trader, many of my positions have deep stoplosses (according to Saint's pivot method), which will not be realistically be triggered today. But, a Sl is a SL, so I enter the SL order religiously daily. Only it becomes tedious to do daily when you are holding 10-15 stocks...
  5. I

    Keep in mind before choosing a broker

    Few things to be kept in mind before selecting a broker firm. 1.Brokerage - Involves both intraday as well as positional rates in capital markets.Same goes for commodities.And do double check the brokerage in F&O because it's in here where the brokerage rates varies much from firm to firm...
  6. P

    Which could be the best online broker for me.

    Hi All, Have seen some of the posts here ,about bokerage and services. Still i am confused which one i should go for. Here are my details. 1)Would be better to be accessible over IE (So that i can manage everything from office too :D) Would be playing with delivery (equity) mostly...
  7. H

    Is my money safe with online brokerages like HDFC Securities or ICICI Direct?

    Today I sold 300 Unitech shares [@22.30 per share] and my online software - ICICI Direct - shows that I will receive 6,690 rupees within 2-3 days. Is my money safe? What is the guarantee that I will definitely receive this money? What is the chance that I don't get this money? What if the buyer...
  8. C

    Where can one place both stop & target orders?

    Does any one know stock broker or trading platform or software that allows placement of two orders linked to each other: 1. stop loss order and 2. target order. On execution of any one order, the other order gets cancelled automatically. Margin is not blocked as the linked orders aim to square...
  9. S

    Safety of demat capital

    Hi, I've been trading for about 4yrs now, part time. I want to increase the capital slowly to trade bigger trasactions. My question is, how safe is our money with the broker? How far is it possible that the broker takes away the money by way of fraud? I am sure that SEBI must be having strict...
  10. yuvraj737

    Who is the best broker to be sub-broker ?

    Dear friends , i am currently sub broker with smc global securities ltd. and i want to replace my broker with good one. who give good service and sharing with professional manner :thumb:. please refer if you know !!
  11. P

    Broker Cheating me by quoting SEBI rule

    My broker A**** is saying that "the offline transactions done through the day are considered as good if informed by the dealer (the person who is dealing with you from the broking company) to the client at the end of day, even if the instructions given to the dealer are contrary to the...
  12. P

    Hi Friends...

    I m new to the field of stock market. I want to open a trading and demat a/c. which one is better? GeojitBNP or Angel broking.
  13. A

    Tagline needed for our Broking House

    Dear Seniors and co traders, We are a 20 years old broking house in the name of D R Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.We are currently registered with NSE and by next month we will be registered with BSE,MCX & NCDEX also.We as a company are in very first stages of expansion in north india so we are...
  14. nikki5_me

    Kotak Mahindra Securities trading experience.....Is it good?

    I everyone,I am thinking to open an account with kotak mahindra securities.Is it good?How is their service?How are their tips accuracy?How about the software KEAT?Plz do reply......waiting for replys from members.
  15. A


    Hi all, I Goran, I'm involved in forex .. ATFX is my broker, I was glad to meet you...
  16. P

    best broker with less brokerage

    I am new to this field of on line trading.Pl. suggest some best brokers with less brokerage
  17. G

    Capital Market Professional Looking for a Job

    Greetings Members of Traderji, My name is Gokul Chand, I am a Capital Market Professional. I have been working with few individual clients and sub brokers for past 2 years. I am here at traderji to enhance my career and knowledge. I well versed in Relationship Management Marketing...
  18. G

    New Face

    Hi all, I am new to trading. I use to read traderji posts to get more knowledge on share market and trading. I'm confused to fix my broker. When I search on google I found so many complaints about almost all brokers. How to find a good broker? Can any one suggest me one from the...
  19. H

    Possible to buy/sell shares directly (without a broker)?

    I'm new to the stock market and I wonder if there's a way to buy/sell shares (on BSE/NSE) without going through the broker route. I want to bypass the brokerage, is it's possible...
  20. M

    Best F&O Broker for browser-based trading

    Hi all, First of all, thanks to everyone who's contributing to this forum. It's a gold mine for wannabe traders. I am a total newbie to trading (any sort)...just began this month with an a/c in ICICIDirect. skipped cash segment and jumped straight to F&O :) dealt in minimum lot sizes on...