Angel Broking Pathetic Brokerage and **** Service"

I opened an account with Angel Broking, New Delhi 3 months back after going threw the thread.
started by Mintu.

Moti Nagar Branch. Head Office New Delhi..tried another branch too in New Delhi but same result

It is undoubtedly the most pathetic and downgraded service I have ever received from any broker combined.

1. Angel Broking never give u any margin exposure on time atlest thats what happened with me in New Delhi at account opening they promise you minimum 8times but when u finally open the account you realize that you need to call them overtime in the morning to just get your limit open. Till 10am no one even bothers picking up your phone.

2. If you try contacting your RM the guy comes with the reply that "sir mai kuch nai kar sakta appko office mai he bat karni padegi to get limit open"

3. nor does the branch bother replying to ur emails or phone calls no matter what u try or how much u try.....even if u try banging ur head with them they would still have no effect.

4. Tried writing email to angels help disc email comes with reply sir plz contact you branch for query even after mentioning in the email that branch is useless and is not solving the problems.

5 At the time of account opening they say it will take them 4 days to get the ac opened but it took 15 instead. Initially they ask for cheque. Brokerage at .30p even with high capital and promised good volumes to them.

6. Cheque got debited from my account and funds showed in Backoffice however the branch tells me sir "cheque clear nahi hua abhi" after trying for another 10 days and writing repeated emails to the helps desk and calling Mumbai office still they did not do anything to solve the issues. Finally by some luck I got hold of someone who got the matter sorted. All in all it took almost a month for them to get account I need to mention what I had gon threw these days I had 102 temp too that time I was still on phone with some person transferring my calls to next person and next and no hope of solving this simple issue.

7. Finally once the cheque got cleared by the branch.... they said you will be getting the margin exposure for cash market for intraday and start trading 30days wasted already......tried trading and woww limit is not I mentioned before try calling them at 9A.M no reply only at 10 AM they respond back and by 11 A.M open your limit. RM of angels are useless so are the mangers there.

8. After 1 week being frustrated at them for not opening the limit normally I lodged a complain against branch from help desk [email protected] reply came plz contact the branch for assistance. Even after mentioning branch is not doing anything.

9. Finally I tried Angles Iive chat they told me they will contact the branch for me and I Got a call from some manger in branch who assured me that everything will work perfect from now and I don't need to call.

10. For 2days it worked fine and for the 1st time in 45 Days I was actually happy with Angel Broking but 3rd day again same thing started to happen and the manger who called me started with the drama that branch( Moti Nagar ) is also doing " sir 2min mai sab tekh hojaega " then he would give me excuses that "Desk par abhi koi hai nahi" till 11 A.M nothing happens there.

11.Finally after loosing complete hope with Angel Broking I started praying to God way way tooooooooo much...I started visiting Mandirs everyday....phodoing Nariyals maybe that might help improving their service but no it didn't.

12. I even tried shifting my branch to another here in New Delhi but they aren't less pathetic in service as their Headoffice. The branch head assured me today all paper work will be done and submitted. I get a call from his staff members that papers are still with them and not submitted and branch head tell me they are submitted. For more than the week they have been doing this only.

13. All in all I am done with Angel Broking for good. I hope someone does drag them to court as they deserved to be I would have done it my self only if I had time to do it.

14. Finally I have decided I am shifting to some other brokerage house as I cant take their torture any more.

Caution: If your investment amount is more than 1L Angel Broking from me is never recommended as they will suck the life right out of you. If I had time I would have filed a court case against them or lodged a complaint to SEBI as well but I have no time for that as I have already wasted 3months with Angel Broking I just hope someone does drag them to legal battle as they deserve to be paid for the sheer torture and unethical treatment of their customers.
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Some somewhere on this forum said to avoid Delhi based brokers altogether esp if you are taking a sub brokership must be because of these issues. I did not understand then but it seems endemic.
Globe has some serious complaints from customers. Guys you are forewarned.


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The problem is the majority of brokers seems to be from Delhi so there goes consumer choice. Its the backoffice cum broker infrastructure issue that is important. These are pretty well known so imagine ....