1. wabuf

    Broker for highest leverage

    Hi traders I want to know which broker gives highest leverage for day trading . I have a demat acc with icici & gives 50 times variably . I have heard a lot about zerodha but its trading leverage is low . any other in your opinion .?? Thank You
  2. M

    Is overnight trailing stop loss illegal in india?

    I am a big fan of trailing stop losses which will protect our investments and also helps to make some money. The problem in India is we have to manually trail the stop losses and no automatic trailing stop loss function for overnight positions are available. I know only one broker that is...
  3. M

    Broker providing technical analysis auto buy and sell?

    Which brokers in india provides auto buy and sell of a stock using technical analysis BUY close > MA SELL Close < MA I am a swing trader who uses technical analysis, so keeps stocks for more than a week. I know about zerodha which provide pi . but for me it has some disadvantages Its a semi...
  4. M

    Which discount brokers supply trailing stop loss for overnight positon?

    Whether in India trailing stop loss (not fixed) is available for overnight positional traders? If not why? Does any discount brokers in india planning to introduce trailing stop loss for overnight trader and who are they?
  5. I

    Are Brokers Deliberately Cutting Cord of Small Traders

    Dear All, No Rant, just my observation. I am a new trader and learning the nuisance of market at a great pace. I have observed that whenever market moves in uni-direction or in a very predictable direction. My NEST terminal doesn't work or go very erratic, unstable. My broker give me...
  6. milind.wakale

    Trading Gateway API for Software Development.

    Hello Guys, I am required to get a software developed for receiving real time quotes and orders from Market via any broker. Which broker is best at providing me best real time data quotes and orders and does it has Trading Gateway API for software development? Please suggest me someone...
  7. A

    Franchiese enquiry

    Hi Members, I am planning to take a franchise from a broker. Please advise which shall I go with. I am looking for the one which is not asking for any deposit and has the best brokerage plan. Thanks all. Aman
  8. A

    Can a broker withdrawal amount from my saving account without my permission?

    Can a broker withdrawal amount from my saving account without my permission? please tell me, it,s urgent.......:(:(:(:(:(
  9. A

    Mutual Fund In Demat Issues And Doubts

    I am currently investing in MF by sharekhan demat account and it is doing well so far. I have following queries related to above method of investment. 1) What happens if tomorrow broker goes bankrupt or for any reason they deny redemption of my mutual fund units? 2) Should i also invest...
  10. T

    Which broker charges minimum margin for writing options

    Hi, Which broker requires minimum margin for writing options? Please give your suggestion.
  11. S

    Hi all

    Hi I need some information about Tradeplus broker anybody could help me please Thanks in advance
  12. B

    Regarding penny stocks

    Hi friends, I am new to investing and am currently a small retail investor. I have a question to you guys regarding penny stocks ( stocks priced below Rs 2.5 ) . I have an trading account with HDFC Securities but they do not sell stocks that are priced below Rs 2.5. Where can I buy...
  13. S

    Seperate demat account & stock broking acount?

    Is it good to open demat account seperate from the stock broking acount? Plz Asnwer Friends :-) For Example :- Demat A/c at Angel Broking & Stock Broking A/c at zerodha/rksv/Tso/compositeedge
  14. Mr.Gold

    A message from the mountains....

    Hello all, I'm looking forward to a great online experience with all of you. A little history about me for you guys. I'm a former Mumbaikar currently living and working out of the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I made the move over here 20 years ago when I got a golden opportunity and I took...
  15. A

    Sub - Brokership OR Zerodha

    Hi Members, I only work intraday. I have two accounts. 1. Kary: 0.01% intraday. 2. Zerodha I am in talks with one of the brokers who is offering me brokership. They have offered me that I should give them Rs. 250/- per crore. Please advise if I will save on brokerage if I go for...
  16. P


    What are the benefits of opening a trading A/c with a discount broker compared to a regular one?
  17. bpr

    Discount Broker Comparison

    I have created this thread to do comparison of discount brokers. There are lot of similar threads. But I did not find what I was looking for. Need your help to get all the relevant information and keep it in one place. I am currently with Zerodha and it is working for me as I am not that...
  18. A

    What taxes and charges does your broker deducts from your earnings on equities?

    I have an account with Karvy and place all orders myself and they are charging me following: Service Tax STT Transaction Charges NSE Handling and other charges Sebi Tax Stamp Duty Brokerage What about your broker? Does your broker charge you same? Especially, Stamp Duty and...
  19. P

    Startup for Automated / Algo Trading

    Hello folks, I'm a seasoned entrepreneur & software professional, more than 15 years of experience at companies like Yahoo, Microsoft etc. I've always been fascinated by algo and other kinds of automated trading. I'm based out of Bangalore and thinking of starting my company in this...
  20. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Master Trust Broking Service: Please give some feedback about this brokerage company

    I want to about performance and and services Master trust provide in Kolkata. They called me and say they will not charge any AMC, my brokarage will be 2paisa intraday and 25 paisa delivery, no DP charges etc etc. They use NetPlus software. Please put some light on there services. Thank you...