1. P

    Improving and Implementing Mechanical Trading System

    Hello Friends, I am looking for help with my system developed using Amibroker. The system is a positional system with 15 min timeframe and will trade futures. The initial tests are giving good results which is warranting to further fine tune it and if the results are encouraging then would go...
  2. T

    Supertrend wipsaws can be reduced

    Dear all, Many of us here use super trend for trading. I found a way to avoid lot of false super trend signals using Alligator & Fractals. Now the system is as follows. To trade it put following on chart, 1] Supertrend with default 2] Alligator 3] Fractals Buy Signals: When super trend goes...
  3. P

    help adding dates to swing points in amibroker afl

    can someone please add dates to each zig zag high and low points the code is as follows ZZPercent = Param("ZZPercent", 5 ); ATRPeriod = Param("ATRPeriod", 5 ); ATRFactor = Param("ATRFactor", 1.5, 0, 5 ); HLPivot = ZZPercent * 0.01 + ATRFactor * ATR( ATRPeriod )/Close; Ll = Low[ 0 ]; Hh =...
  4. E

    AFL for RSI SWING !!

    hai everybody i need the AFL for the rsi swing . what is it simple when rsi start form below 30 and reach 70(or above ) then come below 30 is a cycle. there two waves one is up wave and another is down way . i try a lot with HIGHSINCE , HIGHESTSINCE, PLOTTED BUY SELL and some other but every...
  5. T

    Fixing the first bar of the day as the first bar on Amibroker chart

    Hello, I trying to do this for a long time but have not been able to do it. I am posting this after unsuccessfully searching the internet. I want to fix the "first bar of the day" on the left hand side like the picture below and to have the new bars get added to it on the right side. So that...
  6. G

    Hi, can some one pls help me with a scale in algo in amibroker ?

    Hi fellow traders, i am trying to work a basic bollinger breakout system using an ATR multiple as SL. What i want to do is scale in 3 times if i get multiple buy signals before my ATR SL is hit. below is a copy of my code, will appreciate if someone could help me get the last part, i.e. scaling...
  7. C

    Is it Possible to add more Aux data? (Such as Aux3, Aux4, Aux5)

    Hi Everyone Is it possible to import more Aux data? Because apparently my data has more than 2 auxiliary data. I upload the data image as well. If it is possible, how to do it during the import wizard? I have done typing the additional comment during import wizard with this script: $FORMAT...
  8. B

    Help needed in coding amibroker afl and back testing for payment

    Hi i have a strategy which i have back tested manually and visually, but now i want to test it with exact numbers for past 10 years of data of nifty intraday.. so looking for some1 who is really good at it.
  9. C

    Custom alert option for composite stocks in Real Time?

    Is there any option in Amibroker so that to create a custom alert on Intraday chart movement of the composite stocks(stocks which I pick on my own based on performance) . Eg: Alert on Aggregate movement of Stock A+ Stock B+Stock C.
  10. R

    Need help with AFL for Exploration - Urgent

    Hello Everyone, I am new to coding and I have been struggling with a very basic requirement of mine. I need the AFL code for an exploration that will read "Bull" when the +DI crosses the -DI and ADX (range 14) is going above 25. Similarly to read "Bear" when the -DI crosses the +DI and ADX...
  11. P

    why this code not working

    Hi, Can you help me why below code not working & why? _SECTION_BEGIN("MAX Moving Avg broke"); n=0; function fun_name(C,LB ) { LB=IIf(IsNull(LB),1,LB) OR IIf(LB<=0,1,LB); R=ValueWhen(Cross(MA(C,LB),C),HHV(H,LB),1); result=IIf(C>=R,LB,0); return result; } for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) {...
  12. P

    highest days of EMA broke today

    Hi, I want to find how many max days EMA stock break today? if C>EMA(5) is true & C<EMA(6) is false then afl should return 5 since close broke max of 5 days ema. this things should run in loop for 1 yr say 365 loops total Can help me with this afl. Regards, Paresh
  13. T

    rolling quantitative momentum strategy afl

    Hello All, Below strategy is used by Raghunath sirji.. Momentum is the speed with which a particular object moves. In the financial world, momentum refers to the speed with which the price of the stock or any other asset moves. A stronger momentum indicates a faster movement in the price of...
  14. frisky

    REQUEST - Just need an exploration for Supertrend (already AFL ready created by KelvinHand)

    Hi, I am sure there would be lot of experts out here who are well versed on coding. What I am proposing is to have an exploration to be implemented for already existing AFL which is created by "Kelvinhand". So, the main thing is , I am trying to establish/re-create a paid version AFL of...
  15. P

    not traded stock & missing quote afl required

    Hi, need below afl exploration 1. to search not traded stocks , last date of available data, no of days its not traded compared to today's date. 2. missing quote for stock, date ,symbol, when compared to index stock i.e. Nifty Pls share if you have afl. Regards, P.
  16. T

    Scanning stocks with Global Data Feed

    Whoever using global data feed products, I want to know whether you can do a full scan/exploration with Amibroker on all available symbols? On their website they have mentioned => for nimble data lite its 5 symbols, and for nimble data pro 200 symbols. Does this mean we can only scan 5 -200...
  17. MCXgain

    Amibroker Exploration Help

    Hi I'm trying to create an ami exporation AFl which will scan stock for "intraday fall from high" and "intraday recovery from low". The section is supposed to scan for % change and provide net % change value with color. Its showing no value instead. Would be grateful if I could find some help...
  18. M

    Need help on AFL code

    AFL code to generate buy/sell signals in amibroker with close price with above EMA 10 crossover. The buy signal indicates add 10 points from highest candle price when close price crossover with EMA 10. The sell signal indicates subtract 10 points from lowest candle price when EMA 10 crossover...
  19. soft_trader

    Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

    Oh! got it. It is the patch for windows 7. I have once installed that that patch, but after installing that NOW used to hang every now and then so reinstalled NOW without that patch. Since then, NOW working great!! :cool:
  20. D

    Position size afl help needed

    The system I am testing opens random number of positions every day (Long only), and closes at the end of the day (yesterday bought 4 stocks, today bought 10 stocks, etc.). I am trying to allocate the same % of equity to each position, but since the number of positions is different every day I am...