Scanning stocks with Global Data Feed

Whoever using global data feed products, I want to know whether you can do a full scan/exploration with Amibroker on all available symbols?

On their website they have mentioned
=> for nimble data lite its 5 symbols, and for nimble data pro 200 symbols.

Does this mean we can only scan 5 -200 at one time, not more than that? Are you able to do exploration on all symbols?
Someone must be using GFDL on this forum. I saw many posts mentioning about GFDL. Hope they are not Global data feed marketing accounts.
that means at a time you can not load more than that many symbol... I've taken annual Subscription of Global Data feed for Amibroker... I have very bad experience their servers are mostly overloaded and Real time Data is myth... I spent hours with their customer care to fix and solution everytime was to keep restarting your Amibroker till u get data .. Their customer support will always request you to call them in live market to diagnose and fix the problem killing your business...

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