1. L

    Need Help With ODIN CHARTS

    Dear all, I have been Using ODIN DIET for a long time and Seeing Continuous Charts. I have also been Using amibroker for along time. The help i need from You is that Can any one Convert Particular AMIBROKER AFL file in to ODIN DIET CHART Template ( extension:- .ind) format. Do replay me as...
  2. E

    Buy and sell crossover signals reqd

    Dear experts I have visited hundred of forum but this is the only forum where i find real programmers and people who are always ready to help . Again i have come here to find solutions to a problem. Thanks a lot to all exerts and genius people . This is a hull moving average with 60...
  3. P

    Day high/day low in afl

    IF ANYBODY CAN GIVE, TO FIND OUT BUY SIGNAL AT DAY LOW OR SELL SIGNAL AT DAY HIGH SOME PEOPLE ARE SELLING AT 3 LAKH RUPEES , THERE IS ONE WEBSITE NAMED C O M M O S O F T I N , they are selling it for very very huge monthly If anybody posted the AFL, all traders will get benefits.
  4. J

    Need AFL: Advance Decline Ratio: Chart in Amibroker

    Hi All, I am searching for an Amibroker AFL to plot Advance Decline Ratio Chart. The chart should plot as candlesticks. Members please help.
  5. E

    Alternatives to silver trading

    Dear sir I would like to create a discussion about finding some alternatives for trading commodities on MCX. As in 2013 budget government have imposed 0.1% CTT which will affect volume, turnover as well as volatility. Before the budget we use to pay 450/- on one carore turnover as fix , now it...
  6. S

    I can Create AFL but Need Strategy

    Friends As i have good knowledge of programming, So i can Create AFL for the given strategy but I dont know much about Technical Analysis. So if you have a good technical strategy then share with me and i will code it for our benifit and we can discuss everything here
  7. R

    Custom Backtester to Allow/Block Trades from Multiple Watchlists

    Hello all, I've tried and failed to code up what I'm looking to do so I came here for some pointers. If this topic has been brought up elsewhere I apologize for missing it in my searching. Is there a way to cap the maximum number of positions taken from a specific watchlist during a...
  8. J

    Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker

    Hi, Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker? This is a Supertrend, I found here in this Forum some similar translations, but they aren't the same. I tried and compared a lot of them. Factor:=Input("Factor",1.00,10.00,3.00); Pd:=Input("ATR Periods",1,100,10)...
  9. P

    I want stock xray afl

    Kindly provide the afl codings for the attachments screenshots given.. Person selling this for 21500 rs one time charges
  10. S

    Afl for mcx

    anybody have this AFL plz share it
  11. vsreeram77

    Amibroker/mt4 files

    Hi i use amibroker/mt4 files for trading, and searching for cci method which is identifying day low/day high exactly almost.. Anybody can help me on this. Sreeram
  12. vsreeram77

    Amibroker/mt4 files

    Hi i use amibroker/mt4 files for trading, and searching for cci method which is identifying day low/day high exactly almost.. Anybody can help me on this. Sreeram
  13. A

    MCX RT with Backfill option

    All Please suggest a RT provider for MCX with 1 yr backfil option for ami:clap:
  14. S

    Need help to formulate this simple Strategy

    Hi All, Can someone help me to formulate the below strategy. Entry: Buy when day Close is above the Resistance Line. BuyPrice = Day Close Price; StopLoss = BuyPrice - Average True Range (14) Target = BuyPrice + (2*Average True Range (14)) Exit: StopLoss or Target is Triggered...
  15. A

    Thee Best AFL's for Commodities

    All With the internet filled with millions of AFL's, a few are doing really great, however this is a needle in a haystack. Hard to find and consumes lights years to find the right ones. This thread is for people to share thier good/bad experience with the AFL's that we have come across...
  16. J

    Amibroker - Background color change with EMA

    Hi All, I have a question -- Is it possible that the background color of amibroker chart changes by itself if the price comes below 20 EMA. For Example: Price Candle below 20 EMA - Background color RED Price Candle Above 20 EMA - Background color GREEN
  17. R

    Need Year 2011 high low afl

    Dear, users i need a afl which display year 2011 high low only.not 252 bars high low. only high low from year 2011 if any one can help me please , i will be very greatfull.
  18. R

    Amibroker AFL developer, freelancer required

    Hi All Traderji Members, I am a trader and want to take services of freelance Amibroker AFL developers. Remuneration will be on the basis of project.
  19. J

    Need Help: Bar Chart Color

    Hi Members, Can you help me with the AFL for the BAR Price Charts such that when: close < open = RED close > open = GREEN I have attached an image for reference. Thanks.