1. A

    AFL coders required

    Hi, I need a coder for Amibroker (AFL) for part time engagement (on going projects). We are located in Delhi, however the projects can be done remotely. The candidate will be handsomely compensated for their effort. Interested candidates should PM me at the earliest. Thanks Arjun
  2. Sagarocks432

    Method to Test AfL for Repainting.

    My Unique Method to test AFL for Repainting. There r 2 types of repaint Pre-Repaint- afl gives signal today but it gets shift next day if conditions r more favorable . E.g Higher high,Lower low afl.:lol: Post-Repaint- afl will wait for conditions n when they r met it gives signal 2 days...
  3. Sagarocks432

    Please correct this afl

    Please correct this afl SetChartOptions(2,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates|chartWrapTitle); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); //GfxGradientRect( 180, 30, 1759, 735, ColorRGB(40,40,40), ColorRGB(0,0,40) ); GfxSetOverlayMode(1); GfxSelectPen( ColorRGB(150,0,0), 1 )...
  4. Sagarocks432

    How to declare array in amibroker afl?

    How to Store Moving avg in array in amibroker afl? When I store number directly to the array afl accepts. f[0] = 16; f[1] = 2; f[3] = 77; f[4] = 40; f[5] = 12071; But when I store moving average in array it rejects. DM[1] = MA(Close,10); DM[2]= MA(Close,25); DM[3]= MA(Close,50); How...
  5. M

    CCI based AFL

    I'm using CCI based trading which is showing me good result. I've tested it with manual in excel and it is showing me 73% accuracy with proper SL and Target. If anybody can help me in creating afl from my logic then whole forum can be benifited. Here is the logic need to built in AFL...
  6. Sagarocks432

    Plot a graph as indicator

    Hello guys, I want to plot a graph as indicator with following conditions. 1) Price of candles should b a line. [5 min timeframe] 2) Line2 should be above [with small gap] price line which will b green if Stochastic[15 min] is +ve , else Red. This line wont contain the actual value of...
  7. Sagarocks432

    How to change timeframe for this code [Supertrend 3]?

    I have this code of Supertrend 3, when I run it on scanner of Amibroker. It always search for 5min signals only. Can you change it to 15min and daily timeframe so that it works n give signal based on new timeframe? Which line of code determine the timeframe. Please Help..:confused: //Removed...
  8. Sagarocks432

    How to get Current Price in afl?

    How to get Current(Live) Price in afl? I already tried Close, Getrtdata , and Lastvalue. None works as close gives price at the end of the candle Getrtdata works only on real time Last value works same as close. Suppose for 5min candles I want price at 11.03 am which is actually after...
  9. R

    Long term trading strategy - Stock sreener

    Hi, How can I write AFL to scan stocks for below requirement, 1) Stock with weekly MACD HISTOGRAM is above 0 line. I.e. UP 2) With daily MACD HISTOGRAM is below 0 line but heading towards line 0. This is very simple strategy that I read in one of the book. This strategy is called...
  10. F

    Hello to all of you

    Hi, I'm Fred I am trading for a couple of year now. Only stock and ETF because these are the only trading product that I really understand. I trade trending stock that are in a pull back. I use Amibroker to dig my day list. I'm a big fan of wise Stock Trader and Traderji were people share...
  11. Sagarocks432

    How one variable stores multi-timeframe values?

    I know that when working on multitime frame we perform operation seperatelty within Timeframeset and Timeframerestore. But how to perform such calculation which stores value of multi-time frame. TimeFrameSet(in5Minute); m=MACD(12,26); n=Signal(12,26,9); a= StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth=3 )...
  12. A

    Plotting foreign symbol - AFL HELP NEEDED

    Hi seniors, I am able to plot 2 symbols in one chart using the formula: PlotForeign( "JUSTDIAL-I", "JUSTDIAL", colorRed, styleBar ); -------- Please help me plot the average of prices of both the symbols. 2 symbols ploted in my chart are: HDFC-I & JUSTDIAL-I How shall I plot...
  13. A

    Plotting foreign symbol

    Plotting foreign symbol - HELP NEEDED Hi seniors, I am able to plot 2 symbols in one chart using the formula: PlotForeign( "JUSTDIAL-I", "JUSTDIAL", colorRed, styleBar ); -------- Please help me plot the average of prices of both the symbols. 2 symbols ploted in my chart are...
  14. P

    Can any one modifiy this MQ4 code into AFL ?

    Can any one modifiy this MQ4 code into AFL ? ================================= //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| CycleIdentifier.mq4 | //|...
  15. J

    I need an Amibroker Programmer

    Hi, I need a new AFL/Indicator, similar to Trailing Stop, where I give the start date, entry price and if it is a buy or sell position. The Indicator starts to plot from my date and price. Parameter: - Date (I give the date manually) - Basis (it can be Open, High, Low or Close and the Stop...
  16. M

    How to get sound alerts in amibroker?

    With all the info ive gathered, I have been tinkering with the code to get sound alerts. All the time it falls short. Sometimes it shouts even when the candle is forming, or doesnt alert all the time or alerts only for a few instruments. I have zero coding knowledge. I have following...
  17. fahadmalik

    Need AFL/PI code. Help me

    If Lowest low<=open Price=>highest high then Buy=3 points above previous highest high candle Exit= 6 points above previous highest high candle; or lowest low of previous candle Trying in AFL wizard, but i am not familiar with coding as how to add 3 points on the previous candle stick high
  18. A

    Need AFL writer for my custom code

    Hi Members, Please suggest some Professional AFL writers for my custom strategy. I understand, good things come at a price. Thanks all.
  19. X

    Exploration AFL Debugging

    Greetings! I like to share with you a first alpha stage of a code Im writing in order to make basic indicator exploration on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframes with a "Percentage ScoreRank" result system. This alpha is basically the main body of a more complicated code (that will and...
  20. J

    AFL to find wrong Data

    Hi all, I use Yahoo Finance as quote provider and there are a lot of wrong quotes. For example, a stock that has its price $5, next day price $120 and the next day $5 again. It is like a gap, but with a big %Change. Could someone help me with the code? I try this one, but it doesn't work...