I need an Amibroker Programmer


I need a new AFL/Indicator, similar to Trailing Stop, where I give the start date, entry price and if it is a buy or sell position. The Indicator starts to plot from my date and price.

- Date (I give the date manually)
- Basis (it can be Open, High, Low or Close and the Stop calculate it relative to this referece)
- Stop % (The % drawdown, pullback until I will be stopped)
- Long or Short
- Color
- Style

It need to be linked to the stock and will be automatic saved, like when I draw a Horizontal line. It means that if I change the stock, when I come back, the parameter and Indicator is still there.
Here an example:


Date: 18.09.2014
Basis: High
Stop %: 3
Long or Short: Short

Date: 07.08.2014
Basis: Low
Stop %: 3
Long or Short: Long

Is it possible? Do you have any suggestion for improvement? How much it would cost?

Thanks in advance,

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