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    AFL Exploration: Previous Day High Low Breakout

    Hi Members, Below is the AFL plotting lines on previous day High Low values. I am trying to create an Exploration, scanning all the stocks that close above previous day high and below previous days low. Please help. Thanks all. //*********************************************...
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    Plotting SMA high Low as Line

    Hi Members, We can plot SMA or EMA as continuously changing lines. Is it possible to catch the High and Low of Moving Averages and plot a straight line for the current day. Please help.
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    =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) into AFL

    Hi all members, Please help me convert the excel formula into AFL code. =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) Many thanks. I googled, but could not find anything.
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    Need help to create simple AFL

    Hello, I'm required to have one simple afl to backtest few things. Logic is Buy = 9:20:00 ( Buy call should trigger for all script at 9:20) Sell = 3:20:00 (Sell call should trigger for all script at 3:20) Would anybody please write this simple logic in amibroker afl ? Your help...
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    Natraj EOD Tech Chart

    This Consists of Day, Weekly & Monthly Pivot Support Resistant Levels. Some of the interesting addons included are Fibo Levels, ATP, Auto MAvg, Daily Technical Breakout Levels,Super Trend Buy sell Indicator & switching Bar/candle. Check out Parameter window. _SECTION_BEGIN("Natraj EOD...
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    AFL Correction - Gann Sq of 9

    Hi All memebers, I found an AFL from net plotting lines for levels of Gann Square of 9. I am trying to make changes so that lines show up only for current day. And just 3 lines above and 3 lines below the previous days close. AFL seems to be very tricky for me. Please help me...
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    My Trading Strategy Needs Coding

    Hi, Below is my simple strategy. Request to write AFL for same. AFLs of the components are available on net and on Traderji. I buy when Volume Zone Oscillator, VWAP and SuperTrend all are positively in Buy Mode. And do wait for reverse signals on all 3 to initiate a Short. Tried to put...
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    Execute Imacro Script from Amibroker AFL

    Hello Experts, Could anyone please tell me , how can I execute Imacro script ( For firefox ) from Amibroker ( Formula ) ? Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Amibroker Chart settings:

    Hi All members, When I plot last month's Open, High Low Close lines on the chart, it shrinks the candle size so much that it really makes hard to find if the prices are moving or now. Please help me so that i can adjust the chart settings to the normal. It is not necessary that all...
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    Ribbon Afl - Need help

    Hello Members, Please help me plotting the ribbon. I tried but getting many errors. I have attached the image of the ribbon that I am trying to plot. I have attached the image for reference: Thanks all. ********************* _SECTION_BEGIN("Price")...
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    AFL - last days MID level + cloud

    Hi members, please help me plotting cloud funtion in below afl. Above last days mid level all green and below all red. Below is afl //************************************* _SECTION_BEGIN(""); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color"...
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    AFL Exploration

    Hi All members, Below afl plots High and Low for: Previous day & 3rd day from today. How can I create an exploration so that all the stocks that close above these two lines show up in the scan. Please help. //-------------------------------AFL---------- _SECTION_BEGIN("Price1")...
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    Please provide Amibroker AFL for the strategy

    Can any one please provide the amibroker AFL for the below strategy. Entry for long: When price of a scrip reaches certain points above immediate pivot low (Eg:10, 20 or 50.... points above pivot low). No. of points to be specified through Parameter. Trailing Stop Loss for long: When price...
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    Pad Specific Days

    Hi, In amibroker there is "Pad non-trading days" option in "view" menu that it hides non-trading days. Now I want pad some specific days with zero volume. That mentioned option ("pad non-trading days") does not hide such days with zero volume. How can do this for zero volume days or for other...
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    how to get stock on live session who trade near intraday high/low

    Hello all im looking the way, how i get stocks who trade there near intraday high/low. suppose today tata motors intraday high/low is 410/400 and currently its trading on 408 so i get alert or any buzz when tata motors trade 409.40 or 400.80 Thanks in advance
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    Any one please correct this AFL Error?

    _SECTION_BEGIN("INTRADAY AFL"); _SECTION_BEGIN ( "Chart Display Theme" ); ChartDisplayTheme = ParamList ( "Chart Display Theme", "White background with B/W candles|Black background with R/G candles", 1 ); param_ShowSystemTitle = ParamToggle ( "Show System Title ?", "No|Yes", 1 )...
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    Any one have this AFL?

    Dear Friends, Any one have this modified (The Foundation by Southwind) Afl, which has Target/Stop loss? If so, kindly please share the same. Thanks in advance friends. :)
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    AFL MACD cross - weekly

    An one more question. How to filter cross time signal by macd but in weekly period. In amibroker chart i can right click and select weekly view. I want to filter in this view. How to do it. thx for help
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    AFL MACD cross

    Hello, this is my first post, so if I wrote something wrong than sorry. I want to afl to detect cross macd line, but not standard only : MACD(25,40) cross signal line Signal(25,40,9). I have this AFL code: r11 = Param( "Fast avg", 25, 2, 200, 1 ); r22 = Param( "Slow avg", 40, 2, 200...
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    Amibroker Optimization Result - Factors & Analysis

    Some of us have done the optimization analysis of our AFL's in Amibroker to get the best out of them, using the collective wisdom of the internet forums to choose the correct time periods, smoothing factors, OB-OS combinations etc. The big question is how do you right values from the...