1. D

    Position size afl help needed

    The system I am testing opens random number of positions every day (Long only), and closes at the end of the day (yesterday bought 4 stocks, today bought 10 stocks, etc.). I am trying to allocate the same % of equity to each position, but since the number of positions is different every day I am...
  2. A

    Help required - convert to Array Code

    hi, I am new to amibroker but know a little bit about C++. I tried coding the following. Amibroker always encourages coding using Arrays and its efficient as well in performance as well as its elegant. I would like to know how to code the following using Arrays and kindly request experienced...
  3. S

    looking for a good exit strategy

    Hello fellow traders, i have been a trader for a long time and i am creating a custom formula for myself in amibroker. i have been successful in creating a good entry strategy but i am looking for some suggestions from you guys for a good exit strategy as well. Reason is, the current exit...
  4. P

    AFL Renko Code

    I would like an adaptable code with renko bars, that slows down before trend change and also shows time-line below it. PS: I know Renko is normally not time based.

    Circular Reference thru StaticVarGet/Set.

    Is Circular Reference possible in AFL ? Tried StaticVarGet & Set , got desired results along with a lot of garbage AND utterly UnReliable in Live Trade bcoz everytime Explore/Scan/Backtest Button Clicked --> the AFL gives Different results each time. Sample codes: 1.Basic Code...
  6. C

    How to get real time MCX data for charting in Amibroker ?

    Hi traders, I recently got to know about Amibroker. It seems very interesting. I want to try some strategies and backtest them with AFL codes but I need live MCX data. How can I bring live MCX data in Amibroker ? I have Trade Tiger and Nest platform already.
  7. pinpoint159

    Help Needed in AFL Amibroker

    Hi everyone, I am writing a code on Amibroker AFL and I got stuck :confused:. It looks simple but somehow I couldn’t solve it. Actually I want to draw Closing Price line on my intraday charts. It’s very easy to draw high and low, you can write, >> Plot (LastValue(TimeFrameGetPrice("High"...
  8. S

    please help me; in dire need

    problem i have encountered: I want the price of an index two days back(two trading days) and that too for the 3rd bar (time frame is 5 minute bars) for eg- if today is 11 aug, i want the close value of minus-3rd bar (i.e. 9:45a.m. on a 5 minute scale) on the date of 9aug. thanks in advance
  9. H

    amibroker syntax error 30 . please help

    Hi guys , I am trying to change the bar color on amibroker , but they always give me the syntax error 30 . could someone help me identify the mistake pls ? Code 1 : SetBarFillColor(IIf(O <C, colorSeaGreen,colorOrange)); Code 2: SetBarFillColor(IIf(C>O,ParamColor("Candle UP Color"...
  10. S

    code not working properly

    please help me. In the following code, i want sell to take place only when stop loss is cut or the target is met. But the position is exited on the very next candle bar. What am i doing wrong? _SECTION_BEGIN("SHITIZ"); COND2 = High >...
  11. C

    I need to stream Amibroker charts live on my website

    I want to show the buy/sell signals that Amibroker generates on my website. I tried lot of things but I couldn't find a solution. It would be even better if I can also stream the live charts to the website. The plan is to take the screenshot at some intervals and save it to an ftp mapped...
  12. Nehal_s143

    PPK System

    Hi I had come across a website http : // which claims profit over 300% on every trade, they use following formula for trade The PPK System Here’s what that stands for: P = Pattern P = Price K = Key Pivots The Pattern is based on...
  13. N

    New to Amibroker and AFL

    Hi I am new to Amibroker and AFL. I will ask guidance from the guru's to assist me on the road to develop myself.
  14. wabuf

    AFL Popup script help

    Hi , i have written a strategy in afl but i dont know the code for popup message :confused: that will stay like 6 sec on screen and then goes away and this should be applicable to all the symbols .I want to use in intraday trading , its very difficult to scan each and every symbol during...
  15. TradeMind

    Struggling with my first AFL code

    Dear experts, I learned a basics of AFL coding and now I am trying to do some backtesting using following strategy: Buy at RSI(7) <= 30 Sell when price is greater than last bought price + 1 rs or if that condition is not met sell at next RSI(7) >= 70 I could do simple AFL backtesting...
  16. P

    AFL help required .. How do I select first bar from available data?

    Let's say I need to check the high of the very first candlestick of the chart i have opened. Which function should i use for it? Can someone post the code for it? Your help would be appreciated.
  17. S

    Hello friends

    Dear Amibroker AFL writers, i want amibroker AFL (trading system) in 1 min time frame with price action trialing sl if any one is there pls reply me thanks
  18. M

    Need little help in afl programming....

    I wish to create a rectangle box on my chart which changes color according to time i.e from 9:40 to 10:00am its color remain green and after that it changes to blue. GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorBlue );//for rectangle color x = 1050; x2 = x-180; y = 130; GfxRectangle(x, y - 70, x2...
  19. M

    How to use if else statement with other indicator fucntions

    I have a code like this mrsi=RSIa(C,14); ma1=MA(C,200); if((mrsi >70) AND C>ma1 ) var=1; else var=0; if ( var == 1 ) { Do some stuff } else { } The problem is when i execute this i am getting this error Error 6. Condition in IF, WHILE, FOR statements has to...
  20. A

    amibroker buy sell late signals problem, plz help

    Hello experts out therr, I just downloaded one afl from stockwisebroker named All In One afl which seems very good first but when i tested it on 15 min timeframe using Bar Reply in amibroker, the buy sell signal arriving 8-10 bars late, I mean to say if there is buy signal at 9.30 a.m, we...