Hello to all of you

Hi, I'm Fred I am trading for a couple of year now. Only stock and ETF because these are the only trading product that I really understand.
I trade trending stock that are in a pull back.
I use Amibroker to dig my day list.
I'm a big fan of wise Stock Trader and Traderji were people share their precious work.
I did manage to modified multiple AFL to fit my need but I am realy restricted as AFL programmer and thats the reason I'm here.

The first time I use Volume by price was with stockchart.com you can find the they calculate it here :


I realy do love this indicator I think this is one of the best support/resistanse out there. The thing is that I never find any AFL Exploration for Volume at price.
I'm looking for a AFL genius that can wrote that. Same value that stockchart.com use : 12 price zone on a 5 month period.
The price have to be in one of the best 3 price zone.

Thats it for my first post.

Regards everybody
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