Method to Test AfL for Repainting.

My Unique Method to test AFL for Repainting.
There r 2 types of repaint
Pre-Repaint- afl gives signal today but it gets shift next day if conditions r more favorable . E.g Higher high,Lower low afl.:lol:
Post-Repaint- afl will wait for conditions n when they r met it gives signal 2 days back in past.:rofl:
Suppose we r testing[ Ur afl] on Nifty eod [Nifty.txt].

1. U must have database of it in text form, which must contain 5 years EOD or 15 days IEOD data.
2. U must also understand the concept on which works e.g crossover, Higher high,Lower low, Bollinger bands etc.
3. Make copy of data and rename as Nifty1.txt. And import it in amibroker.[Now u have two files of same scrip].
4. Now run the and check all Buy/Sell signal.
5. Find out those critical point where nearby candles may also show buy/sell.
6. If buy/sell is at 30/7/15, then delete all the data from Nifty1.txt after 30/7/15.
7. Make sure data in amibroker for nifty1 shows till 30/7/15. [U can delete it from ami n den again import].
8.If it is Post-Repaint afl then it wont show any signal on 30/7/15.:D
9. Delete data till just 1 day b4 signal 29/7/15 in Nifty1.txt then again import it. Check Step 7.
10. If it is Pre-Repaint afl then it will show signal on 29/7/17.:p
Repeat all step for atleast 10 signals for better accuracy.

Dis is how I check for repaint afl. :thumb: I know many of u will say that just go to Formula Editor and click on 'Code Check& Profile' instead of doing these time taking 10 steps. Let me remind u there r many afls which contains more than 1 types of buy/sell signals. I have one which have 5 different types of buy and 5 different type of sell signal. If only one type is repainting doesn't mean rest r also repainting. So you have to check it manually becoz Ami will show 'future refrence' even 1 is repainting it wont check others. That's what my signature says ;)
If u do not understand any step u r welcome to comment.:clap:
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I used to look for Lastvalue/Peak/trough/zig in afl to check if indicator was repainting or not.Then after removing used to do Bar Replay

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