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I would like to know how Zerodha calculates brokerage for options. It says Rs 20/- or 0.03% whichever is lower, but which value they take for calculating brokerage? premium value or notional value? If anyone know how it is, please let me know.

Nifty call strike 10000 @ 100, 1 lot (75 units) short
Premium Value - 100 x 75 = 7500
Notional Value - (10000+100) x 75 = 757500

7500 x .03% = Rs. 2.25/- or Rs. 20/- whichever is lower - in this case it's 2.25/-
757500 x .03% = Rs. 227.25/- or Rs. 20/- whichever is lower in this case it's 20/-
You should always quote source of your info.
bcos here on their official page

it clearly says flat inr. 20 per order for EQ since you are using NIFTY Options eg.
The whichever is lower is only for Commodities and Currency as of today.



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was today zerodha working perfectly or you guys had any errors / coz when market fall brokers purposely stop there software .
zerodha use to do that in past so whats today all ok any problem or day was as normal

anyone pls confirm that uses zerodha as trading


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was today zerodha working perfectly or you guys had any errors / coz when market fall brokers purposely stop there software .
zerodha use to do that in past so whats today all ok any problem or day was as normal

anyone pls confirm that uses zerodha as trading
Didnt notice and problems. GTTs all worked fine. infact many orders today.
Fyers also ok.
I wanted to open a NRI account with Zerodha and I have been trying for a month to get in touch with them but nobody emails/calls back. I am tired of it now. I am thinking to go for Finvasia.
was today zerodha working perfectly or you guys had any errors / coz when market fall brokers purposely stop there software .
zerodha use to do that in past so whats today all ok any problem or day was as normal

anyone pls confirm that uses zerodha as trading
Dont know about dec 21 but I had seen zerodha crashing multiple times whenever there is a big rapid fall & no use complaining it to zerodha !
Hi guys,
i am new to options trading and plan to trade(sell options) through zerodha but i come to know about OI limit(15% or 500cr) ,
so then check out another broker,
then come to know about zerodha orbis, then i am happy .
then become sad because in zerodha orbis , we can trade only in F&O.

but finally recently come to know that OI limit is only for option buying.
now happy.

sad part is that i found it accidently ,
i contact zerodha customer care,
zerodha partner office customer care and so on .
for orbis account opening , no one said that OI limit is only for buying options(you can use regular account itself).../
Thanks a lot TracerBullet. I'm mostly an option buyer nowadays. So, leverage and short selling won't affect me. I went through their order management bit deeply like trailing stop, hotkeys and robustness of trading platform etc. You have summed it up quite nicely. Thanks again.
Z is also ok. But opening and closing Demat accounts with many brokers really bothers me.
Anyway I have applied to open an account with them but they are taking bit longer as they stick to the rules very strictly.
What a joke... Lol... ha ha ha :D
Forget about what has been happening with Z for last 7 years, last time I checked Twitter, it was down on last monday 04-Oct-21. Enjoy!

Z strategically has placed all articles online to lure newbies - saare bhamre ek saath chipak jate hain!
Z has nothing of its own, everything is outsourced and further outsourced with them....

Beware of what you say (other newbies might follow and fall for their trap).... In reality, those two rascal honcho brothers does not deserve an iota of any retail trust...
hahah, quite funny.
See point 11.

They are decent.
Now also providing free api + data. python client is good ( atleast for v1). In comparison, for ex, 5Paisa has horrific api and even rms is buggy.

Issues that i faced
1) Settlement delay - money in bank by 1200-1400. With Z i get it ( so far ) before 8 am. So plenty of time. Dont know if there is any broker that does this. Big issue for intraday traders.
2) Stability. They are fine most of the times, but still have had 3-4 problems in last year. Also more likely to get temporary error from api. Z in comparison has worked smoothly for me, but this could also have some luck to it.
3) Square off time. I prefer 5mins extra given by Z, but i guess most follow 1515 and this may not be an issue for many.
4) This depends on you, but i rather not keep too much money with smaller brokers. Z is much more profitable so lower risk.

For me, i am struggling to get another large broker that can work as well as Z for my use case. Really would like one to reduce outage risk. But so far angel/upstox dont seem to be ready yet based on other people's views. upstox does not even provide api. Had tried 5p - complete waste of time.
That is a outright lie which they portray to public...

Yes its their server purchase or acquisition, but neither do they develop, nor do they maintain... for each stuff (be it OMS, Chart, back-office, etc..) they have different vendors who function as a partner to Z...

BTW Z is the most disorganized broker on face of Earth... Have closely observed them for good some time! Unnecessarily innumerous times their faulty setups have royally screwed retailers, that too, year after year... The real problem is that, retailers do not research much and are mostly blinded by instant gratification to just abide by hearsay....

It is still not clear whether their server down issues are deliberate (for any implied gain) or accident... It has been happening ever since and same BS around volatile days... It is even dangerous & criminal if their self owned everything causes issues for years at a stretch. If those are their stuffs, for once have they taken responsibility of their own shit? Never!

You raise complain, NSE will blame you with their pet statement, "tech shit can happen anytime", nevertheless, Z is their goldilock.... You go to SEBI, they will say exchange has already provided resolution... Not a soul will dive deep...

@#@% future ready, my foot! That's their narrative to lure only...

Since this thread is about a different broker, if you want, we can continue the discussion in appropriate thread...
You seem to have made up your mind, so no point arguing. The way i see it, they keep innovating and are miles ahead of competition overall. They are very accessible in qna with even ceo being very active. They also seem to be active in trying to developing solve trader issues ( option slippage issue for ex and early turnaround in settlement).

Twitter hearsay aside, i am trading with them everyday and have taken hundreds of trades with 0 issues. I too had a negative perception of them a year ago based on experience many years ago ( Nest days..) but good feedback from a tj member and others made me thankfully try them again. Future who knows and no one is error proof but today i am satisfied with Z (and looking for a Z2 for trading intraday equity with api ) ..
Thanks TB for detailed reply....
One difference you'll notice with them is Z shows the original price when you traded, instead of MTM. MTM shows P/L based on yesterday's closing price right? Not helpful. But in Z you can immediately see whether you're in profit or not.
Wait! the day is not that far when they will again betray your trust. They have been doing this for a very long time - it's their norm.

Over several years, since their inception, major problem has been their screwed-up stability and frequent irresponsible glitches. Almost every alternate day something or other sporadically hit them - be it simple platform login, OMS, or any regulatory implementation (which they do not plan or organize beforehand for smooth transition).

For a moment, let us forget about past years, in 2021 alone, below are the dates when they royally messed-up things. In reality the list is even longer, unable to track all of it:


Are you still serious to even consider them? If you do, then you are an emotional fool, that's all...

Zerodha is a broker of the baboons, by the baboons, for the baboons, made to squirt all the time; always chattering big stuffs which never become reality. Nevertheless, using human-networking and social media (mainly internet-based search engine) tactics they succeed to lure unaware ignorant new quacks.

Hard reality is that, they do not directly control their technology - the abstracted several layers are a total mess. I do not see any prospect in this broker, whatsoever! New batches of fireflies will join them and will get burnt soon, mostly affected due to their poor systems. Not even once, will they ever take responsibility of their own shit. Peace of mind is a necessity for any trader, and one simply cannot have that with these guys.

Zerodha is nothing more than literal nonsense!
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