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I have been using Zerodha and Upstox since a year now and I have to say that Upstox gave me a much better user experience overall. As an intraday trader and investor, I am very happy with the provisions of the platform and plan to continue with Upstox.
by which standard upstox is charging .05 brokarage for intraday cash. their web interface and software is inferior to zerodha ,who is charging .03 . i think still majority intraday traders trade in intraday cash ,so intraday cash brokarage is important


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Can we place pre market order or AMO orders in ETFs like NIFTYBEES, GOLDBEES, N100, SETFNIFBK, etc....?
I've tried on a couple of platforms and they get rejected. Looks like they are traded only after Mkt open.

Could be bcos they have other underlying scrips so price discovery is based on underlying and not ETFs themselves.


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in Zerodha daily Iam placing GTT CNC orders for BANKBEES(during 8-8.30am along with 100's of amo orders on stocks )
usually if there is a pop, I sell existing inventory at the opening print with a GTT sell order and even fresh GTT CNC buy if the market drops at the open
zerodha last seen in feb/2020 .
So I want to ask members who use zerodha as broker ,
Does anyone use Nest trader ?
Last time I heard zerodha was shutting nest but I dont know its current status.

I want to use Nest with rtd from joshi ji's rtdman to amibroker.
I had used earlier in 2018 and found it fast and reliable than kite .
So is Nest zTrader working for you ? Are market orders going ?



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I would like to know how Zerodha calculates brokerage for options. It says Rs 20/- or 0.03% whichever is lower, but which value they take for calculating brokerage? premium value or notional value? If anyone know how it is, please let me know.

Nifty call strike 10000 @ 100, 1 lot (75 units) short
Premium Value - 100 x 75 = 7500
Notional Value - (10000+100) x 75 = 757500

7500 x .03% = Rs. 2.25/- or Rs. 20/- whichever is lower - in this case it's 2.25/-
757500 x .03% = Rs. 227.25/- or Rs. 20/- whichever is lower in this case it's 20/-

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