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@travi Thanks. Have seen that thread.

Earlier to that, I had created a thread there as well. Initially; thought it was a coding error that had crept in; only to learn that it was intended. Discussion went back and forth 5-6 times. This thread does not seem to be indexed by Google.


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they r not upgrading pi but trying to fix bugs sometime to bring new update. but any way pi can be very good if all bugs removed. sadly they reduced backfill days for realtime chart from 120 days to 60 days but many are using zerodha for pi also and if they stop developing pi ,many user can quit. at the same time dartstock( trading software ,used by fyers and upstox etc) also not performing ok. so no competion here
If all brokers software is not performing properly, then stock market business cannot grow among retail segment.
Maybe a late reply, but this was discussed by some ppl in their forum.
For the order to be placed, the limit price should be equal or higher.

It means you'll get filled at trigger price.
Before, you could place order at a lower price and wait for fill.

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purpose of gtt is may be to place a stop loss and tgt for more than one day in cnc type order ,so may be buy order can separately done ,my idea ,not sure
Hey Shubh, we understand using multi charts is not as easy as using a single chart, but there is no way around it as of now, you'll have to use multi charts.
We will soon have the saved layouts synchronized across systems/devices.
Currently drawings are saved locally, we're working on synchronizing it across systems/devices by the next few updates. We're constantly working on making it user friendly.
why pi is not updated regularly ,if it is working smoothly we like to trade in it ,also why intraday backfill is reduced . any way pls instruct tradelab to develop it further and make it bugs free as per as possible

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