Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link

There is no v 3.13 for Zerodha NestTrader, only v 3.14, for which link has been posted by Ajeet bro in previous post.
But you cannot use other brokers NestTrader with Zerodha. It wont work.
Ask your broker to provide v 3.13, if other than Zerodha.
Write a mail to zerodha support. They'll provide you the link to download from g drive . With nest plus access.
Since nest plus depends on individual login better get your own download link
this happened because Zerodha has changed their login pattern from 2FA to a 6 digit pin. this is not supported in the old nest softwares. i had 3.11 which stopped working. i tried 3.14 too. its not working too.