XTB TRADER gives nifty futures on MT4 platform as per mktcalls


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hi friends

This thing gives only nifty futures.
GLSMARKETS.COM metatrader gives stocks,futures,nifty futures,stock futures and nifty options

GLS is far better. just need some minor improvements.

has anyone tried this?


please replace xx with tt

There are variety of useful and Intelligent products available in the market at free of cost. One such product is XTB-Traders’s MT4 metatrader 4 platform for Nifty Futures Realtime charts. MT4 Platform is a highly sophisticated automated trading platform. Other than Nifty you can also get Forex, World Indices, US Stocks, Bonds, and Dollar Denominated Commodities(Gold,Silver,Crude,Natural Gas, Sugar,Wheat..etc),T-Notes live charts at free of cost.

1)Download and Intall the XTB-Trader MT4 Trading Software
2)Download link for MT4 platform will be next on your mail in 2-3 minutes. Download it or try out the alternative link for XTB-Trader MT4 platform here
2)When launching the program for the first time, you will see a window with the registration form; after you have filled it in, you will automatically get a demo account.
3)Now Right Click on the Market Watch
4)Select SYMBOLS

5)To get Nifty Futures goto Indexes and select India50 the list
6)Click on the Tab SHOW
7)Now the Corresponding Ticker will be available in the Market Watch
8)To get the chart just right click on the Ticker and Select Chart Window
10)Now Charts are live and you can change the Peridicity of the chart and change it for the required time frame(1 Min, 5Min, 15Min,Hourly,Daily,Weekly,Monthly
11)Setup Ichimoku Indicator for Metaquotes
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