1. Nehal_s143


    Hi Came across website http: // onlinezerobrokerage . com / they offer unlimited trading with 9999 life time package only STT and taxes we need to pay. Any body using this broker ? how is the report ?? Please share your experience, I want to open a/c with them...
  2. bpr

    Discount Broker Comparison

    I have created this thread to do comparison of discount brokers. There are lot of similar threads. But I did not find what I was looking for. Need your help to get all the relevant information and keep it in one place. I am currently with Zerodha and it is working for me as I am not that...
  3. M

    Stock trading software

    hello friends, i m not a stock trader like u all, i m a software developer(open source), i had worked on different kinda SAP,ERP soutions, but for the first time i m trying to develope a software solution for stock market. You guys might be thinking tht what i want from u???..guys as being new...
  4. R

    Aviva i-helth For Critical illness

    Dear Friend... recently aviva india life insurance lunch i-helth online Critical illness plan... is is good or not? i should buy or not? if yes then why and if not then why? my age 30 year
  5. M

    Setting up new online forex business - need India Managing Director

    Hi, I looking to establish an India office of a major international online forex trading platform. We are incredibly ambitious and having set up offices in 10 other countries worldwide, we feel the opportunity in India is phenomenal. I am interested in hearing from only the most experienced...
  6. M

    Hi everyone, excited to be on board!

    Hi everyone! I am really excited to be on board now. There seems to be an ocean of information in this forum. I guess there is plenty to learn from all you experienced members of this prestigious platform. I hope to make this a memorable journey. I have been trading in the share market for a...
  7. X

    XTB India - Online Trading

    Hello everyone! It’s great to be in touch with traders of India in To clear out, why X-Trade Brokers India Team decided to appear on this forum, let us give you some introduction below. At the same time we want to stress that our posts will not have an advertising aim and no...
  8. M

    HDFC Mutual Fund Online Services

    I have created a new account with HDFC Bank.In addiion,I have also created an investment services account with HDFC bank.However,when i logged in to the account,it seems that due to the new SEBI guidelines of the entry load waiver,the HDFC has shutdown this facility intermittenly.Has anyone any...
  9. M

    Satyam open offer

    Hi guys...I think many members in this forum hold the stock of Satyam. I bought some shares at 54 and would like to tender the shares in open offer. Can you please let me know how to tender the shares in open offer. I have a sharekhan account and am wondering if it can be done online. I'm new to...
  10. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh
  11. M

    Trading Tool - online analysis tool

    Hi friends, Here is an online trading tool that brings information from various sources: Regards, Mandar