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Thank you for writing in. Stoploss is a type of order you place to buy or sell a particular security to secure yourself against losses. Trader’s risk appetite defines the limit. The order is placed with a broker to buy or sell a security when it reaches a certain price. These orders are designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position. For instance, a trader may buy a stock and places a stoploss order 5% below the purchase price. If the security drops just below 5% level, stoploss order gets activated, and the stock will then be sold as a market order. I hope that helps. What exactly do you want to know about stamp duty? Please write in. Will be happy to help.

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I opted for ultimate plan
Hello there: In ultimate plan, we offer free demat account for the first year. However, during the festival times, there are condiments being sent out as a goodwill gesture wherein we offer the demat account opening charges to be waived off for ever. Please keep watching this space and our social media pages for upcoming offers.
@Wisdom Capital.

I've an account on name of my family member. We opted FREE plan. I tried to log in to ur online web trading platform but there was no luck.

I downloaded Nest x64 from ur download section, tried to login, i could log in but couldnt get SCRIP masters download. So no quotes.

I tried to call ur customer care but no reply.

Is there anything wrong with ur platform ? I need NOW or NEST on desktop.

Client code : WF1234

Make sure if everything is working fine at ur end.

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Hello Trade4learn: Yesterday was a bank holiday which is why nothing was working. But more importantly, our customer care team has gotton in touch with you and resolved it. Glad we could be of help. Thanks for escalating it to us.

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hi wisdom capital
and also clarify the stamp duty.
About stamp duty: It varies from state to state. For more details, please visit our website page: https://wisdomcapital.in/brokerage-calculator/
If you select the state and the contract details on this page, it will show you various charges, including applicable stamp duties. If you are still unclear about it, please call us at 1800 123 9343

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Thank you all for appreciating (on various platforms) our latest offering: Wisdom Pro. More on cards in connection with the app (in subsequent versions).
Hello Team, How much leverage guys you provide in MCX commodity segment and also i want to open commodity segment so what will be the procedure.
I want to know about option selling leverage as i already checked the website but still i have some queries regarding the same. So can anybody call me from your site or i need to call you please provide me your number asap. Thanks

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