Wisdom Capital Vs SEBI Circular Updates : All is Still Not Lost For Trading Community

Wisdom Capital is strongly resisting the ironic action taken by SEBI (Peak Margin Circular) by challenging the same at Delhi High Court recently. The new set of rules are clearly detrimental on everybody's part..........Profits, Revenues, Taxes, everything is at stake.

But, unfortunately SEBI doesn't seems to cooperate the trading community as there is no response filed in court even after 28 days asked by H'be High Court. So, Wisdom Capital has now filed the reappeal in the matter. Their CEO said, "If the company is not provided an early audience, it will suffer an intangible loss of opportunity, one that cannot be quantified in monetary terms,"

Do share your views over the regulatory's stand & intentional delay in filing response to defeat the very purpose? Market Volumes are already down by 28% despite the fastest rally. What do you think, Will the Day Trading survive...? Why don't the SEBI revoke the Circular if the body has no satisfactory answers to the raised questions...?