Wisdom Capital : Free Trade & Investment Zone.

It seems you are not active on traderji.com any more ?
I have following question for your lifetime free plan
1. Can you give me complete list of charges ?
2. In this life time plan - do you charge brokerage for penny stocks (less than 100 Rs. stocks for intraday and delivery)
3. Do you charge clearing charges for options and futures?
4. Also provide list of stocks and mutual funds that can be pledged to get collateral margin with their haircut
5. Does this apply --Software Charges will be applicable @ 99/- + GST per Month per Segment for NEST/ Wisdom Pro.
6. Do we must give DDPI to sell and pledge ?
7. What are pledge and unpledge charges?
8. Can we buy direct mutual funds through wisdom so it can come in our demat account which we can eventually pledge?
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