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Are there any change.org petition's in India that ppl are backing ?
No idea, i dont know if that does anything.

For now, i have assumed its going to happen with 5x as base for cash and so we must adapt to it as best as possible. I will have issues in corner cases and will need to keep more money with brokers. Stocks Futures seems to be affected even worse as it does not have 5x as floor. Hopefully they will do that at the least - why should futures have less margin than cash ?


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policy already implemented and very less chance for reverse. I wish regulator rollback this policy as Intrady fund allocation of trader is less(my view). so i need leverage for intraday.
Recently, we have seen that Wisdom Capital has filed a petition against SEBI's circular on peak margin. Traders and brokers are at high risk. Many traders can lose their trading journey and seeing the stock market, only handful of healthy traders would survive. This statement has been given by the CEO of Wisdom Capital Mr. Deb Mukherjee.

So, to save intraday trading, we traders have to be united and support Wisdom Capital.

Do you think things will change as Wisdom Capital filed a petition against SEBI's circular on peak margin? Will thing change in content with intraday trading?

Do share your suggestion about this decision and also share your thoughts about the changes in content with intraday trading.

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