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I have some questions.
1. Do you insist that a client gives you POA (basically give you control over his account?)
2. What kind of algo plantform/software you provide ? do u provide blitz from symphonytech? if yes how much they charge?
3. are there any prebuilt strategies with that blitz software ? if yes how many ..if not how much they charge per per strategy?
4. what is the margin you provide for positional and intraday option selling?
5. What do you accept as collateral for margin? do u accept shares/MF and fixed deposit all?
- anyone trading with WisdomCapital/Ashlar and using NESTTRADER v 3.16.0 and facing login issue and then F1 and F2 issue
- anyone trading with WisdomCapital/Ashlar and using NSE NOW

Hello friends,
What is the MIS margin for trading Banknifty future intraday??? And if cover order is available, what will be the approximate margin for trading a single lot of bank nifty??? Presently I am with zerodha and looking for an alternate broker who offers higher margins....

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