Why Crude Oil is being neglected by users here

crude has got support at 3390 levels and the next support could be at 3250 levels if crude breaks 3250 levels then we could see some sharp selling in days to come
hey thanks mate...
Sorry, you did not make any money.

I feel we should go short today also, but not for long.
Sell at present levels of 35-40 and i expect a down trend till 3400.

After that Buy, and go long with the position.

What do u suggest for today ??????

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mohit ji, please accept my add request on your yahoo, its showing "add request pending" since last 2-3 days.

crude again on down trend, today broke 3400 level and ended 3378 ?

i brought 2 lots crude oil in 3430 level, now i am in 10,000 Rs loss :( , could you please suggest, is this any possible the trend will reverse on next week.


Sorry for the late reply....But i think u would have seen the moment on Friday ... It touched a High of 3467. I think u would have made good profit...

And, anyways how would u be under loss of 10,000 Rupees when the market has fallen a max of 30 Points that is 3000 per lot...

Please explain ! ! !
i have 2 lots and current market price is 3378
could you please suggest, is this any possible the trend will reverse on this week.
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if you purchased 2 lots @ 3378, today crude gave high of 3443, so even if you were little scared, you could have sold it at 3430 atleast and made profits of
104 points, thats gains of 10k,

if you did so, wait for more selling pressure in coming days, todays high was only due to heavy short covering.

I am now holding a short as an active position for today and will carry it.
heya all.....i am new to dis forum.....well hope to learn a thing or 2 frm u all here....and lookin fwd to trade in crude.....will follow dis forum daily nw on :)
Hi All,

Could some1 tell me today's trend ????

I am stuck on a sale at 3463.

It has just tested 3497 and i want to know if it will come down to 70 levels ???

Can any1 suggest please ???????

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