Why Crude Oil is being neglected by users here


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just wondering why Commodity trading especially Crude Trends are not discussed so actively on Traderji ??

Come on Guys, lets do some typing and trading here.

I am not expert but doing swing trading and its not so Bad.


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Crude is showing very volatile momentum today.

from morning the selling pressure kept pushing crude from 3583 to 3523 level, and then in evening session a huge selling pressure
was seen till Jan crude touched a new low for the day of 3504

currently some buying been noticed making it again touch 3552 but still a selling can be osberved as today is contract expiry.

please do not take above post as trading recommendation.
hmmm... thats great to know manu ... I am Mohit from Bangalore and I trade with Religare... and I too trade small...
so what would you suggest for crude at present levels ????


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its side way momentum today,
yesterday was huge fluctuation and could have been much profitable.

I am today selling at High, buying at low, only made few points.
but momentum is very restricted today, what you say mohit ???


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you won't be surprised if it looses another 20-30 points today by end.

also its inventory data tommorow, crude falls or recovers approx 50-70 points easily on that news.

make sure you do any trade with Stop loss in evening session tommorow as it can lead to instant huge loss or profit.

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