Why Crude Oil is being neglected by users here


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no i am not holding any position at the moment.
but i did 3 fast trades today, each got me 6 points.

Sold when it climbs and buy when it comes down.
Thats cool... shall do the same from 2morrow...
Anyways.... I am Religare and the Brokerage is 0.04 Buy and Sell....
And as usual the Margin amount to trade...
What about u guys ??????


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mohit, be carefull today as crude inventory data will come in evening and it will instantly give a buying or selling pressure, if you happen to have a open trade at that time, make sure you place a stop loss before hand to protect your profit/loss.

Last week it took just a couple of seconds and crude was down approx 40 points
as soon inventory stock was released.
I've heard 60-70 points instant movement is easy in crude during that time.

The brokerage you've mentioned is one side 4 paisa ?
whats your brokerage cost of buying/selling, mine is approx Rs.70 + taxes.
Hi ...

ya ... i know it would be very volatile because of the inventory report, i have seen a lot off those movements. thanks for keeping me informed.

So, whats the trend for today ???

And, I am paying 0.04 for buying and selling i.e. 2 sides.


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So, what would you suggest at these levels ?

Should we buy or sell ???? I am kind of confused !
sorry i did a couple of wrong trades today, and was busy in recovering it and didn't logged on to traderji.

what a pity yaar, i earned Rs.6/- out of 3 crude trades today, however i was able to recover from a loss of 2000/- due to hedge.

yes we can chat on yahoo msgr, I'll PM you details.

Sorry for not attending you today.

Edit: you need to edit your profile on traderji to allow OM, currently no one can PM you, as you have not manually selected the option for allowing private messaging.

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