Why Crude Oil is being neglected by users here


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Hi All,

Could some1 tell me today's trend ????

I am stuck on a sale at 3463.

It has just tested 3497 and i want to know if it will come down to 70 levels ???

Can any1 suggest please ???????
crude has gone wild, i again lost in short position.
i did 2 mistakes in last 2 days and they costed me 12k.
:clap: one learns from his own mistakes.
well crude may go up from current levels , exit short positions and one can enter longs around 3500 levels and stop could be around 3470 levels
crude oil

hi...crude oil had a strong support near $72.4 .it breached below it...not it seems weak....any buying sustaining below this level will be an opportunity to go short........this is my view...but no guarantees:)
hi im mathew from kerala.

canyou tell me how much is brokerage for crude with religare, indiabulls etc? i pay 250 plus tax for a buy and sell together. i am new to all this. can u tell what is meant by .04paise brokerage?
can any one say me what is the yahoo symbol on crude oil? i would like to have some graphs and data before i trade. can any one tell me how this futures work ? what is the margin amount? what is the lot size etc

hi friend
u are right. yahoo finace symbol i was searching in the net. by the way all who are making money in stocks or in any market need not know evry thing , but they should have intrest to know.
i have an softwere which gives an level of entry for any stock in any market with data feed from yahoo on real time. i bet it is much much better than any softwere so far available in the market . u r success rate is 100%. pl dont ask the trade screat. but it is true. now tell me you understood why i asked the symbol?


Tejas Khoday

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Yet another Crude Oil thread that has gone dead. Hey Everyone, if you'd like to learn or read about crude oil and it's dynamics, do check this out. I have been writing extensively on commodities on School Of Stocks. If you'd like to discuss the topic and need clarifications on concepts related to crude oil, you can reach out to me in the comments section of the chapter.

Hope some of you have been able to capture the wild swings in Crude in the last 1 year.

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