Which brokers offer NSE NOW for trading?


I had opened my finvasia account in august 2018 predominantly because of zero brokerage + NSE NOW offered for trading as the trading platform. I got used to using NSE NOW with Zerodha due to incessant and bullshit excuses zerodha gave for its outages while their founder has gotten richer and richer (making their customers poorer due to their supposed "technology issues"). Then, after being tired of Nithin and his B.S around all these suspicious outages during high volatility and event days, I switched to NSE NOW platform for trading via zerodha itself. Then due to other issues in backoffice also, I had switched to Finvasia. I'd stopped trading around that time.

Now, when i had to reactivate my account, finvasia said they have discontinued NOW platform for their clients, and activated NEST only for me. I have used NSE NOW and even NEST or broker's own platforms have slight bit of lag compared to NSE NOW (mostly because of the roundtrip time i suppose). NSE NOW's bare bones approach is something I love - gives you best execution (which is the most important thing for a trader). I don't care for most other fluff. While i agree that KITE by Zerodha is the single most beautifully designed user experience and user interface - everything is so intuitive, all that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things for the traders who require their execution to be the top most priority. I wouldn't care even if the UI is messed up a bit, but execution wise I don't wanna take any risk. I don't trust Zerodha inherently.

So, now I am stuck with finvasia on NEST. I am looking to move to a broker that offers NSE NOW platform but with charges similar to finvasia - zero brokerage, even if limited leverage.

Any ideas for discount brokers/zero brokerage firms offering NSE NOW platform for trading?

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