NSE Brokers Offering API

Can someone please tell me the NSE Brokers who are offering APIs of their trading terminal to retail ?
In case elaboration is necessary, an API allows you to for example place orders, close positions, etc from Excel or any other programs without using the trading terminal.
Thanks in advance to all who help.
Symphony Presto, an algo trading platform does give out their API's . You can route your orders etc from Excel or your own trading software. Composite Edge has that software.

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Hey @mthakur, @udaylingamaneni @ubertrader, Keeping in mind the intricate & unique requirements of active traders, we have recently launched our Trading APIs.

(Please note that the APIs are made available for free only to active traders with trading strategies, platforms, websites, etc. You will need to request access in the above link to be able to use the API and it is available for trading purposes only. We're just selective about who we make it available to).

I hope this is useful.

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