where to learn??

There are lots of resources online and they are absolutely free of charge. I'd start with the website which is called investopedia. There is lots of all kind of information which is essential for understanding the markets.
If you wish to learn about the Forex Market, you would first begin with the Demo Trading, later you could do small investments to learn about the real market.
There is a lot of good information and illustrative examples on youtube that will help you get used to it.
Be careful for videos uploaded on YouTube... I have seen videos where they uploaded thumbnail like 'Kuber ka khajana barsega' '5000 Rs per day' etc...:p to get more views/ subscribers... But there are also good content available online.
If you want to learn just terms in order to understand how the stock market works, I'd recommend reading investopedia. There is lots of useful information on this website. If you want to learn how to invest in stocks, you may find it useful to read Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. Speaking of mutual funds, Bernstein wrote about them, if I am not mistaken. Surele, there is lots of information on youtube and investing forums.

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