Where to learn Commdity Trading?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to commdity trading, could anyone help me about where to learn commodity trading basics! Please provide links or the names of the books! What is the minimum capital required?

Thanks in Advance


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there are many great threads in this forum which are more than enough for
your learning. start with these three threads first -----

1. how to trade commodities - gold,silver,crude oil,natural gas
by - uttam kamlesh
2. how to trade with an oscillator - by - smart trade
3. my daytrading - by - raghab
At Expo Futures-you can do it - Learn the steps to opening an account with a commodity broker. You will want to choose a broker carefully, especially if he or she is going to help you with trading recommendations. Commissions are also a big factor when it comes to trading commodities.

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