where to learn??

One has to do deep study for it. Read books, articles,magazines related to it. You can also subscribe to good youtube channels that provide good info on trading related ideas etc. Explore as much as you can. Internet has a lot to offer.


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Regarding Forex, you can take free online courses like FPA Military School, babypips Pip school, FX webinars from Hotforex, Tickmill or Exness. They are loaded with valuable insights which save time and help get straight to the most important aspects of trading like trading levels, money management and psychology.
The best way is to learn from books, videos and articles by successful traders.
You can use a demo account to experience trading, you can test your knowledge and backtest your strategies over here without worrying about loss.
I feel, the two main sources of learning about the forex market are either watching YouTube videos or reading books or articles. If you are interested in visual learning, then go for YouTube otherwise can read from books or finance related articles.


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The best way to learn stock market of forex is by applying your learned knowledge into practical market. For a new comer instead of bumping into actual market directly it is advisable to trade and practice in Demo market.
Best way to learn is to do it yourself like you could practice trade by doing small investments and earning through the same. You could increase your investments by the time when your confidence is increased.


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If you want to learn about investing, I would recommend reading 'Investment Valuation: Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset' by Aswath Damodaran. That is a really huge book, but I treat it as the absolute guide on investing. You can also read 'Intelligent Investor' by Benjamin Graham, but he wrote only about stocks and bonds but this book is considered to be one of the best in investing. More than that, Warren Buffet was a student of Benjamin Graham and invests according to the principles desribed in this book.

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