What is the best news platform?

I like Wallstreet100.com, but is there a Indian version of this site? Only Samir Arora is from India. I like the idea of news from Twitter though...
There are lots of platforms where you can check the news. If you are fond of fundamental analysis, then there are socu hplatforms, where only ecnomic news is published, moreover, there is an economic calculator there and many other things for conducting proper fundamental analysis. In my opinion, it doesn't matter hwre check the news, because on every resources news is almost similar. Only headlines differ, because they just help to attract readers. You can check BBC, CNN or other news. Of course, here you should add special economic resources where only economic news is published.
Basically you can use any financial source of new information which you want. The Economist for example is considered to be one of the most famous and effective news magazines. All the business news also bring profits for you fundamental analysis. As a rule such news, which are connected with business and economy almost has no delay, because there are plenty of investors and traders who use them.
In addition, you should pay attention to economic calendars, they help you to foresee what will happen in future and then draw the conclusion according to the data which you have.

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