1. J

    What is the best news platform?

    I like, but is there a Indian version of this site? Only Samir Arora is from India. I like the idea of news from Twitter though...
  2. A

    Website to track BSE announcement and news for a stock?

    I see the stock prices react to the news a lot like financial results or a deal. But currently, there is nothing that can deliver the alerts to me very quickly like just before anybody gets it. I mean so quickly. Is there anything like that? I want something that is free and works really well.
  3. S

    News Roundup

    Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to invest $250 million in Hines India Real Estate: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is investing $250 million (INR 1,500 crore) in Hines India Real Estate, the Indian arm of American property development and management firm Hines, amid a rise in overseas interest...
  4. A

    Big Data in Technical Analysis

    I am new to Technical Analysis. In what ways Big Data (social media, news feeds, more fine grained quant data etc) can be useful for technical analysis. Can this data source be another parameter in chart analysis? I am thinking of putting together a software which does this. Wanted some inputs...
  5. E

    iPad Stock/Portfolio monitoring software

    Check out SmartDerivs on the iOS AppStore. It is a free iPad application that will be useful for both traders and investors. Supports following functions: - Portfolio management mode, with real time PNL, including Today's PNL being shown. - Supports both Equities and Equity Derivatives. Full...
  6. M

    no takers for mindtree despite uid project?

    Can anyone tell why mindtree stock is going nowhere despite the news that it has won the end-to-end software project from ADHAR(UID)? Business Standard ran a story regarding this project probably going to Mindtree about 2 months back, but even then it did not cause any ripples.
  7. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh