1. C

    Looking for Feedback on a New Stock Market Research Tool – Your Thoughts?

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to introduce a project I've been working on -AltIndex, a brand new alternative data platform for stock market research. It offers a range of features and tools that can be incredibly valuable to investors and traders. We actively seeking feedback, and we are willing to...
  2. G

    Is it safe to invest in Unlisted stocks as a beginner?

    please give your valuable answers
  3. J

    What is the best news platform?

    I like, but is there a Indian version of this site? Only Samir Arora is from India. I like the idea of news from Twitter though...
  4. R

    What do you think about these returns?

    If you look at my MFs & Direct Stocks. I've done better in MFs compared to stocks. Any recommendations or suggestions for this portfolio?
  5. I

    How share pricing Works?

    I was looking at a share (Surat Textile mills) and the share price is around 1.30 rs and has very low float, that is it has just 22 crore share outstanding. This company has zero debt and eps of around .50 paise per year and even if we leave these things aside, this company has over 55 crores as...
  6. M

    Trading Plans.....Open to all

    Hello Friends Starting a new thread for my Intraday stock trading plans and trade updates....
  7. J

    My Stocks Intraday View

    For May 21 2018:
  8. U

    please respond

    guys I started intraday trading with rs. 1.5 lakh and I've already lost 1.7 lakh and I'm left with only 43k. what to do, I feel like's sooo frustrating. help me out guys.
  9. D

    High Volume stocks live on spreadsheet for Intraday trading

    High volume stocks are widely used by traders for intraday trading. In this spreadsheet we check the current volume of stocks and compare them with last 10 days average volume and sort them in descending. I have listed 212 F&O stocks for analyzing. The volume information is picked from...
  10. B

    Suggest me Best penny stocks under 10rs?

    Hi, Please Suggest me Best penny stocks under 10rs? in NSE or BSE For Long term Investment. Thank You
  11. J

    Hello Fellow traders

    I started trading 5 years back in stocks and commodities. Then I started learing about options/futures market. I am here to share my experiences as a trader.I'll be ready to learn new things here.
  12. justliving

    Day Trading Stocks

    Hello Traders, I am new to stock market and observing from last few months. As time is allowing for me want to try day trading. After did some research I got one simple strategy which may be already discussed in Traderji. I am observing as per the strategy from last few days and it's looks...
  13. V

    The Myth around the Stocks- Can anyone clarify?

    Hi Everyone, 1) Can anyone tell me why IndusInd Bank shares went down though they registered more profit in their Q1? Though the Q1 results were announced yesterday, I wonder why the share prices went down 2) Coal India has approved to buy back shares for a good amount. CNBC, NDTV...
  14. T

    Which stock you are going to buy tommorrow

    Hi, to all members, I am thinking to buy sun pharma tommorrow it is reached at its low. May be it will be a good bet. So what other stocks should you buy.
  15. V


    Hi Friends, My name is Vipul Ramaiya, and I'm a CMT charterholder. My experience with the financial markets extends to 2005, when I first visited my friend who used to work with Sharekhan. Ever since, the markets have always fascinated me and I remain an eager student to learn all the time as...
  16. H

    Need nifty charts for past 5 or 10 years

    Senior members help me. where can I find nifty charts for past 5 to 10 years. I need access to nifty charts for any particular day, with open close time, high low information. 1. Is there any free website or free software from where I can get this information? 2. Otherwise, if there any paid...
  17. T

    Tool which shows entry / exits points for a stock on a chart

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is a website (mostly a portfolio manager like MC, ET) which can plot the entry and exit points of a stock on a chart. I'd like to visually see when I got into a position and when I exited out of a position. Pls advise.
  18. S

    Mutual Funds Vs Stocks.

    Hi all, My name is Siddharth Jain based in Mumbai. My first and last interest are stocks but recently Mutual Funds are interesting me :) I still support investments through Stocks only as they give better returns than anything else, provided you control greed / set stop loss. But i...
  19. C

    New Diver into the Stock Market so called as "Ocean of Opportunities".

    Hello Everybody,:clap: Regards, I am new diver into the Stock Market so called as "Ocean of Opportunities" to fulfill my dreams. I am an MBA Grad from Mumbai & a first timer into equity market. I am yet to learn the basics.... Lets make the forum in the mutual benefit of all fellow...
  20. R

    any experience with

    I came across a site called It finds corelation between nifty and four or five stocks that corelate with nifty with a gap of one day. Worked for me for three trades in a row. anyone had any experience? rajeev