Best Broker for news trading? OctaFX, TradeWiseFX or FreshForex?

So far in my little career, I have avoid doing news trading but now I am starting to get confidence in myself to do news trading, but I am worried whether broker will allow me to do news trading or not? I have shortlisted few companies in TradeWiseFX, OctaFX and FreshForex – Now I found that OctaFX reputation is not greatest while FreshForex is too complicated, so that leaves me with only TradeWiseFX, do you guys think is it best option for me for news trading?
use only brokers with prime broking status or true prime itself
I am sorry if I am asking anything silly, but what do you mean by Prime? And are these 3 I mention not prime? Could you please suggest any broker that I should work with? Or which broker are you trading with? I will try OctaFX and TradeWiseFX this coming week on NFP and will update the results how it went, but obviously I am looking for serious broker that I could invest up to 500 USD or 1k, so looking forward to suggestions…

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