1. S

    SNAPCHAT is just a hype

    Since the IPO of Snapchat the stock went up then within 5 days it fell almost 4% and today it's trading green. I think this stock is just a hype and in no was compete $FB or $TWRT unlike what others say. Any thoughts on it?
  2. A

    Big Data in Technical Analysis

    I am new to Technical Analysis. In what ways Big Data (social media, news feeds, more fine grained quant data etc) can be useful for technical analysis. Can this data source be another parameter in chart analysis? I am thinking of putting together a software which does this. Wanted some inputs...
  3. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Traderji Twitter : Debarghya Mukherjee

    It is my request my Traderji friends and other members to use this thread as our Trading Twitter. We will post our tweet ( small thoughts) all the day long here. Every body can post and can comments here. Please keep your comments with in 200 characters. Let the ZEAL remains. Short...