What is best online trading portal..?


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What is GEOJIT PLATINUM PLATFORM? Does Religere have it?
Geojit is a broker. Platinum platform is its platform for traders and is .exe. Quotes are refreshed constantly. You have to generate a certain minimum amount of brokerage or else pay the difference. Their slower platform is "Gold" which is web-based for which there is no minimum.

Religare will be having their own versions.


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indiabulls for intraday player. i use it and no prob with it
Well i like to clarify these doubts in Indiabulls:
1.In short selling we have to square off the position in T+7 days ,is it the same as margin funding? And are we charged interest on holding a position for 7 days?
2. I read earlier that contract notes take some 4 days to arrive. Is this resolved?
3. I read that "Trading on NSE is allowed online but on BSE only thru RM". Is this true. I mean this matters for arbitrage trades.
4.Options trading is restricted. Is this true?
5. I read after 8 ,PIB closes for the day. So when is the after market orders taken?
6. Also its 0.5 del and 0.1 both ways intraday right. i.e. 0.05 buy intraday and 0.05 selling intraday right? I read that we have no written records of brokerage agreed on,so does it pose a problem?

Well that about it.
Hi everybody. Not long ago I've visited resource: forumfortrader.com

They are posting interesting news daiy, trading articles, and there're contests for traders.
Best Online trading Portal

i saw demo of indiabulls trading platform.waiting to see demo of others to compare will update in this thread.
i shall try to summarise this:

there are three(actually now four) types of brokers
1) using FT diet odin- like shriram, anagram, even angel diet from angel broking etc.

2) using Asian cerc terminal- reliance new supertrade, unicon, angel anywhere all are using same terminal

3) independent terminals like: indian infoline TT and ventura,PIB from indiabulls

4) nse NOW- mark- many are slowly changing to this terminal as its free to brokers.


price: TT one time 555 rs. same with unicon. shriram wil gv u anything free of cost when u show sum brokerage. angel shal always bull u in generating more and more brokerage. too many calls even on a trendless week.PIB -750 rs one time. reliance supertrade-500 rs per quarter.

TT is best - unlimited stocks.
asian cerc all terminals max 200 stocks
PIB- 100 stocks
ventura- 50

angel is worst here. their angel anywhere in last few months have given daily downtime and now they have changed all clients to odin or angel trade.
i have taken all my clients out from angel and given to other brokers.

wl continue...

i shal update it futher tomorrow with more succint information.

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