Best online discount broker based on my trading pattern?

Hi experts,

I am currently using ICICIDirect for my trading/investing which I find to be very expensive. I heard about these discount brokers while browsing traderji and this has got me interested in the same.

I'm sharing my trading patterns and frequency, based on which I hope you all can suggest the best online discount broker.

* I will trade mostly in options - both equity and index.

* the number of trades would be no more than 4-5 per month. I'm more of a swing trader and because of my day job I may not be able to continously track my positions intraday.

* I would prefer an online tool over any software which needs to be installed on desktop. A mobile application would be a plus.

I hope you all can help me out as currently most of my hard earned money is being eaten away in brokerage charges.

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