What is best online trading portal..?

mpopenline you are wonderful!
so much info..and all in hindi..really nice.

i do have a question even i have heard that reliance money super trade does not use any bank services?is it true?and how it would affect me as an NRI.
bank services से आपका क्या मतलब है ? क्या आप यह तो नहीं कहना चाहते हैं कि रिलायंस मनी के Insta /Fast/Easy Trade में जिस प्रकार सम्बन्धित बैंक से पैसा ट्रांसफ़र और Withdraw किया जाता है , क्या उसी प्रकार reliance money super trade में सम्भव है ? ति जनाब इसका जवाब है कि reliance money super trade में Insta /Fast/Easy Trade की तरह ही बैंक से पैसा ट्रांसफ़र और Withdraw की सुविधा है । :clap: NRI के लिए नियम क्या है , इसके बारे में मै अभी बताने में असमर्थ हूं ।
try this one

dear members,

IFIN the sister concern of IFCL now offer online trading. It is very simple and user friendly portal. try and make money.

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Almost all the brokers offer free web based online trading applications but for trading through sophisticated online trading software, you may have to pay one-time or recurring license fees or subscription charges.

India Bulls has an online trading platform, known as Power India Bulls, in addition to a web-based application. I am not aware about the current practice but when I had opened my account with them sometimes in 2006, they had levied a one-time fee of Rs.1000.

HDFC Securities offers simplest web based online trading, which would suit best to the investors and casual traders. Asit Mehta (Investmentz.com) has two trading systems web based (free) and application based (with some charges or commitments). Sharekhan, Angel Broking, Religare, IL&FS (Invetsmart), and Geojit, among others, offer different types of online trading applications, chargeable and free both, depending upon the turnover, brokerage commitments and other parameters.

For instance, R Money has recently introduced Super Trade, an online software platform, for which they are charging a subscription fee of Rs.500 per quarter, though initially they had offered it free for some time. At present, R Money offers online trading through four different systems – Easy Trade, Fast Trade and Insta Trade (web based), which are free and Super Trade, which is chargeable.

Like R Money, India Infoline had initially offered free online trading platforms but subsequently, they had introduced some schemes and advance brokerage in order to be able to trade through online trading platforms. I am not aware about the latest status of India Infoline and therefore you should check out yourself.
Several of you trying to choose an online broker and open an online trading account must have been frustrated trying to search for the exact brokerage charges charged by various online brokers. But the fact is the brokerage charged by the same broker varies and in several cases is negotiable. For example if you go and tell a brokerage house that you are going to deposit 2 lakh rupees and try to convince them you are going to trade heavily, they might consider reducing your brokerage.

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