Hi all,

I am still a learner in the wolrd of options. I am trying to learn the technical aspects of chart trading and looking for a good charting software for NIFTY OPTIONS. The criterias I have are:

1. The data has to be real time. (delay of 15 minutes can cause excessive damage)
2. Should have plenty of technical indicators like:
STOIC slow
3. Let me make strategies.
4. Let me save my position (virtually) and let me know at a later point of time, how much I woudl have made or lost?

After going through traderji, I have realised there are the following software options:
1. Metastock
2. Amibroke
3. VisualTrader from Visualsource.

These are all paid softwares, I would like to know if there is any other software which I can use for learning (demo purpose) and then buy it, if I feel comfortable. Or is it that I have to buy and then learn the software?

Also I have some doubts about VisualTrader, has anyone used it?

Let me know your views please.