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    Help needed with AFL and Backtesting

    Hi Friends, Hi have been following traderji from many days, but its my first thread here I recently began working on afl codes, i combined the codes of Supertrend by and SAR by PV Raja Can anybody help me in optimising and Backtesting it Thank You
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    parabolic Sar in metastock Step by Step

    hello ! guys ! just likely to invite those guys interesting in metastock parabolic programing code & try to correct the codes belows :- (p/s: the code seems correct but not working ... have a look ?) {PARABOLIC SAR IN METASTOCK FORMULA LANGUAGE } {Using an Acceleration Factor Step of 0.02...
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    Help with AFL for Parabolic SAR - Beginner

    Hi I'm beginning to learn programming with AFL. I tried to code a basic stop-and-reverse system which buys and sells on price crossing over SAR. I think I may have done some error in the coding, because instead of Buying and Selling on the crossover of the price on the SAR 'dot', the system...
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    Hi all, I am still a learner in the wolrd of options. I am trying to learn the technical aspects of chart trading and looking for a good charting software for NIFTY OPTIONS. The criterias I have are: 1. The data has to be real time. (delay of 15 minutes can cause excessive damage) 2...