Beware of Trading Platforms with Brokers and Trading Platforms as well

I have so far tried trading with Angelone and Zerodha and among trading platforms the GREAT GREAT Tradingview and and I have had a bad experience with all of them

Zerodha from which I expected the best is using charts with prices which will not match with NSE and BSE. This is because the prices have corporate actions priced in. I dont understand how the hell is this legal???????

With Angelone if you try charts of Nifty Index, it will nicely say that index volume is not available or that in indices there is nothing like volume! (something to that effect)

With it plain hangs and it will show wrong data which doesnt match with other trading platforms

The great Tradingview with its fancy UI only wants money. They say you can try the free version but they will come out with one error or the other

This is highly distressing and manipulative

I dont understand how are these people getting away with it

Its pathetic
Nifty Index does show volume in Tradingview

Zerodha has this setting which was logical but for new traders it can be confusing.

You need to change the Marketwatch settings to Open price from Closed price. The chart that I wanted needed that

Finally, Zerodha in the 1 minute chart will give you one minute less, I have no idea why, especially when trading platforms can

In the hourly chart too it gives you price till 15:15. They can provide data later...


I prefer flat trade and shoonya
I checked for flat trade. Their delivery handling / clearance charges for equity delivery sell are very high. Rs. 20 + 18%GST. For Finvasia it is Rs. 9 + 18%.

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